Monthly Contact Lenses

What are monthly contact lenses?

Monthly contact lenses are lenses that can be worn daily for up to 30 consecutive days before needing to be replaced with a new set. Generally more affordable and ecological than daily disposables, monthly contact lenses (or ‘monthlies’) are available in a wide range of prescriptions to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia.

Why should I choose monthly contact lenses?

Value – Monthly contact lenses naturally represent greater value for money than daily disposable and two weekly lenses. By using the same set for a month, these lenses are a more economic and ecological option.

Freedom – Monthly disposable contact lenses are perfect for those who wear their lenses on a daily basis. They’re also far more practical for your visual requirements than glasses, as they’re ideal for those that are always on the move, are active sportspeople or are out of the house for the whole day.

Which are the best monthly contact lenses?

We stock a wide range of monthly contact lenses, with lenses designed to cater for every eye and refractive error. Those with dry eyes may want to opt for a silicone hydrogel lens such as Biofinity, which is also available as a toric lens for those who suffer from astigmatism.

What is the best coloured monthly lens?

Colour contact lenses are a safe and fun option for those wanting to change their eye colour. FreshLook Colorblends offer a natural looking 3 tone blend that match the natural colour progression of your iris, while Air Optix Colors offer the comfort of silicone hydrogel, ensuring your eyes will stay hydrated throughout their entire wearing cycle. A more dramatic look can be achieved with lenses such as Expressions Colors (Singles), which offer bright, opaque colours.

Can I wear monthly contacts when I sleep?

Extended wear allows you to wear your contact lenses day and night for a short amount of time (typically 7 days) without needing to take them out. This is an option that most monthly contact lenses, such as Biofinity and PureVision2, offer. Having said that, it’s important to speak with your optician to make sure that this wearing schedule is right for you and your eyes, but most importantly, monitor how your own eyes react to them and discontinue use if you feel discomfort or irritation.

How do I look after my monthly disposable contact lenses?

To use monthly disposable contact lenses correctly, they need to be removed every night before bed (unless you’ve opted for extended wear use) then cleaned and stored in solution overnight. In the morning, your lenses will be fresh, clean and ready for the day ahead. You must store your contact lenses in a clean contact lens case and use fresh contact lens solution each time. You must also make sure to use the correct solution. Multi-purpose contact lens solutions are the most cost-effective and convenient option for monthly contact lens wearers, as they rinse, disinfect, clean and store your contact lenses without the need to buy multiple products. We recommend a multi-purpose solution such as comfi All-in-One Solution. You can read more about looking after your monthly contact lenses here.