Coloured Contact Lenses

A Guide to Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses can be a great way to switch up your look and experiment with colour. For many of us, eyes are one of the most important facial features. It's no wonder why so many people love to use coloured contacts to enhance their eye colour and achieve an eye-catching look.

Thinking about wearing coloured contact lenses for the first time? It's only natural that you might have a range of questions and thoughts on the subject. To answer your queries, we have put together a guide on coloured lenses for everything you need to know.

Wearing coloured contact lenses

If you're already a contact lens wearer, you should be aware that wearing coloured contact lenses is no different to wearing normal lenses. The only difference is that you can wear coloured contact lenses for cosmetic purposes (planos) as well as for vision correction.

There are plenty of cosmetic lens manufacturers out there that do not go through regimented health and safety testings. Using cheap coloured contact lenses can seriously damage your eye health or have even worse outcomes. This is why we only stock planos and prescription coloured lenses from reputable contact lens manufacturers.

If you don't usually wear contact lenses and want to wear cosmetic lenses, we recommend that you check with your optician to ensure that they are a suitable option for you.

Why do people wear coloured contact lenses?

People wear coloured contacts for a range of reasons, the main one being that they can make your eyes stand out and add an extra dimension to your look. Coloured contacts are a fun way of enhancing your natural eye colour or experimenting with a new eye colour altogether.

Whether it be for a special occasion such as Halloween or every day, coloured lenses can add depth and definition to your eyes, giving you an alluring and unique look.

Do coloured contacts tint eyes?

Coloured contacts will not permanently tint your eyes. However, you can buy tinted contact lenses which are great for enhancing your natural eye colour when they are worn. You can buy tinted contact lenses in a range of colours. Lenses such as our FreshLook Colours and FreshLook Dimensions (available in different tints of blue) offer a subtle alternative to the more vibrant opaque coloured contacts.

Choosing the right coloured contacts

Choosing the right coloured contacts will depend on your wearing schedule and the sort of intensity you are looking for.

If you are looking for something subtle, our FreshLook Colorblends are a great choice. These lenses feature a ‘3-in-1’ coloured contact lens which blends three different shades to enhance your natural eye colour. Our Air Optix Colour contact lenses, on the other hand, offer a vibrant and opaque eye colour change for a whole new look.

At Feel Good Contacts, we stock cosmetic contact lenses and prescription coloured contact lenses in a wide range of corrective powers. Our coloured contact lenses also come in the form of daily disposables and monthly lenses.

If you require lenses to correct your vision, we recommend choosing your contacts depending on the wearing schedule of your contact lens prescription.

Are coloured contact lenses safe?

Coloured contact lenses are safe, so long as you take care when applying and removing them. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before putting in contact lenses and taking them out. If you have long nails, be sure to thoroughly clean underneath them too.

Monthly coloured contact lenses should be cleaned and stored in the correct contact lens solution. Be sure to properly care for your contact lenses, otherwise, you run the risk of getting an eye infection.

All our contact lenses come from reputable manufacturers and ensure the highest quality, ensuring comfortable and safe wear.

How long can you wear coloured contact lenses for?

This depends on the advice given to you by your optician and the type of coloured contact lenses you opt for. Typically, daily contact lenses are designed to be worn for up to 16 hours before needing to be removed and disposed of. However, the length of time differs for each person and depends on individual factors such as dry eyes, work environment and sensitivity.

Using eye drops are usually recommended for those who suffer from dry eyes when wearing contact lenses. They work to soothe the eyes, providing long-lasting relief by adding moisture to the lenses.

Monthly contact lenses can be worn for 30 consecutive days as long as they are removed, cleaned and stored correctly in solution overnight.

Our coloured contact lenses do not come as extended wear lenses and therefore cannot be worn overnight.

What are the best coloured contacts for me?

Whilst there are some contact lenses better suited to certain complexions, the best contact lenses for you will depend on what type of colour enhancement you're looking for.

Enhancement lenses will give you a subtle look, whereas opaque tinted coloured contacts will completely change the colour of your eyes. For example, if you have light eyes and are looking for a subtle enhancement, FreshLook Colourblends or SofLens Natural Colours are an effective choice. Those with dark eyes can achieve a more dramatic transformation with opaque lenses such as FreshLook Colours.

For more helpful tips on how to choose the best coloured contact lenses to suit your hair colour and skin tone, take a look at our helpful guide on how to match your coloured contacts to your hair colour.

If you'd rather experiment before committing to one colour, we'd recommend trying our comfi Colours 1 Day Rainbow Pack. This versatile pack contains all 5 colours in the comfi Colours line including:

  • True Blue
  • Timeless Grey
  • Divine Green
  • Gorgeous Brown
  • Sweet Hazel

The comfi Colours contact lenses are also incredibly comfortable to wear and feature a soft and smooth hydrogel design with the added benefit of UV protection.

Taking care of coloured contact lenses

If you wear monthly coloured contact lenses, it is important to follow a healthy lens care routine in order to avoid the risk of eye infections. It's vital to remove your contact lenses at the end of each day before cleaning and storing them in a contact lens case with solution overnight.

If wearing contact lenses is completely new for you and you want to wear monthly coloured contacts, take a look at our guide on how to look after your lenses.

Whether you're seeking a striking look for everyday or something for Halloween, you can find a wide range of planos and prescription coloured lenses at Feel Good Contacts.

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