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What are violet contact lenses?

Violet contact lenses help you achieve the appearance of violet or purple eyes, giving you a look that really sets you apart from the crowd.

Why should I choose violet contact lenses?

One of the rarest eye colours in the world, violet is a highly desirable eye colour. Which means, unless you were born super lucky, you’ll need violet coloured contact lenses to get this look.

Whether you need prescription coloured contact lenses for visual correction or not, you can find violet contact lenses to suit your exact needs at Feel Good Contacts. We stock prescription violet contact lenses for correcting short-sightedness or long-sightedness, as well as violet lenses for purely cosmetic use (planos).

Lighter eye colours, such as green and blue, will be given a vibrant and dynamic shade of purple. Alternatively, those with darker eyes can enjoy a violet shade to their eyes.

What types of violet contact lenses are there?

FreshLook Colors violet contact lenses have been created to inject a bold and exciting shade of violet to your iris. These monthly lenses are guaranteed to get you noticed wherever you go.

Alternatively, you’ll find FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst provide a deeper shade of violet, working to transform lighter eyes or introduce a purple tint to darker eyes. These lenses blend 3 colours into one, ensuring an alluring and stylish colour blend.

SofLens Natural Colors are violet contact lenses that add an engaging shade of Indigo to your eyes. Perfect for a wide range of looks, these monthlies are known for the intensifying effect they deliver.

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