Ultrazyme Universal Protein Cleaner

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Ultrazyme Universal Protein Cleaner Product Description

Enhance the power of your contact lens cleaning routine by adding Ultrazyme Universal Protein Cleaner to your contact lens solution.

Ultrazyme Universal is an impressive tablet that, when dissolved in solution, increases the intensity of the clean, ensuring all proteins and build-up are thoroughly removed from your contact lenses. As well as eliminating these irritants, the solution works to protect your lenses from further accumulation of dirt and other bacteria. Excessive build-up on your lenses can disturb your vision. Exclusively manufactured by AMO, Ultrazyme Universal Protein Cleaner will help ensure that you maintain brilliant visual clarity through the day when used correctly with a dissolving solution.

Ultrazyme Universal can be paired with Total Care or Oxysept 1 Step solution to deliver unrivalled hygiene for you and your contact lenses.

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Product Details & Advice
  • Effectively removes excess protein or bacteria which can get left behind by regular cleaning
  • Makes lenses smoother and more comfortable
  • Improves life of lenses and clarity of vision in long-term
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  • Angela Orr - 10 Aug 2019
    These work a treat on my gas permeable lenses Removes additional build up my cleaner seems to miss . I use them once a month
  • Peter Duncan - 17 Jul 2019
    Great. Have used it for years.
  • Peter Sallows - 03 Jun 2019
    Excellant delivery
  • Peter Duncan - 11 May 2019
    Have used this for years but difficult to get from chemists.
  • Kathleen Clarke - 16 Mar 2019
    Brilliant product, does the job perfectly.



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