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Abbott Medical Optics, also known as AMO, is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of contact lens solutions and eye drops for contact lens wearers. At, you’ll find AMO’s hugely popular range, including brands such as Blink, Oxysept, Total Care and Complete. The renowned manufacturers formulate a diverse range of eye care products, with everything from multi-purpose contact lens solutions, saline and peroxide solutions to eye drops, vials and contact lens cleaning tablets available.

Which AMO contact lens solution should I buy if I wear soft contact lenses?

We stock multi-purpose solutions by AMO such as Complete RevitaLens Solution, also available in a value-for-money triple pack.  The manufacturer also produces a hydrogen peroxide formula in the form of Oxysept 1 Step and a gentle saline solution for rinsing in Lens Plus. We also stock Ultrazyme Universal Protein Cleaner, a dissolvable tablet that aids with the removal of dirt, debris and proteins that can build up on your contact lenses. Our huge range of AMO products means you’ll find the ideal option for you and your lenses when you buy contact lens solution online with Feel Good Contacts.

Which AMO rigid gas permeable contact lens solution should I use?

If you wear rigid gas permeable lenses, the Total Care range will offer your lenses an exceptional clean, as well a level of hydration that lasts through their entire wearing cycle. This line of solutions include the Total Care Daily Cleaner Twin Pack and Total Care Disinfecting, Storing and Wetting Solution. These impressive products work in unison to first clean your lenses and rid them of any dirt or protein build-up, before conditioning and rewetting them during storage.

At, you’ll also find the Total Care Multi Pack, which includes both the cleaning and storing solutions.

AMO eye drops for dry eye

Eye drops are essential for those suffer from dry eyes, particularly when wearing contact lenses, and AMO produces some of the most popular options around with the Blink range.

You’ll be delighted to know that you can find Blink eye drops for every one of your needs, whether you need a dry eye treatment, a lens cleaning formula or as drops to simply rejuvenate your eyes. The Blink Intensive Tears bottle is perfect for tackling dry eye and is also available in convenient individual vials. To add some extra moisture back into your eyes on a hot summer’s day, we recommend Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist. As well as adding a burst of life to dry and irritated eyes, it’s used externally for those who prefer not to put anything directly into their eyes.

Our selection of AMO eye drops and contact lens solutions can cater for all your eye care needs, whatever they are. Enjoy the guaranteed cheapest UK price, with next day delivery available on all of our eye care products.

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