Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution

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  • Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution
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Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution Product Description

Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution is a quality solution to rinse your lenses with after appropriate cleaning and disinfecting. This saline solution can be added to your lens care routine after you’ve cleaned and disinfected your lenses for optimum results. However, it is not suitable for disinfecting your contact lenses alone.

The gentle formula makes this solution particularly effective for those with sensitive eyes or who frequently suffer from dry eyes and actively works to maintain moisture within your lenses. In addition, you can use this product with all soft contacts, including contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel. Your weekly lenses and monthly contact lenses will feel clean and fresh for their entire wearing cycle when you use Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution.

Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution works in sync with your eyes’ tears to keep your contact lenses free from bacteria, protein and other irritants that cause discomfort during wear. By adding moisture to your lenses during the cleaning process, Sensitive Eyes also makes sure that your lenses stay soft and comfortable to wear the next day. Keep dry eye at bay and maintain comfort without compromising on quality during your contact lens cleaning routine.

Benefits & Features
  • Saline solution for rinsing 
  • Can be used after chemical and hydrogen peroxide disinfecting
  • Thimerosal free/Sorbic acid-free
  • Loosens debris, removes and protects against deposit build-ups
  • Can be used on lenses for sensitive eyes
  • Able to dilute enzymatic cleaning tablets
  • Neferti Shadid - 02 Oct 2019
    Very nice!
  • Mrs Julie Lawrence - 07 Jul 2019
    Only solution that does not irritate my eyes.
  • Mark Briggs - 25 Nov 2018
    Ordered at 9pm, and they arrived at 10am the next day - fantastic service and a great product at a very good price.
  • Izabela M Bartko - 03 Jan 2018
    If your eyes are like mine; when I think dry I mean extremely dehydrated, this solution is exactly what you''ve been looking for - Plus Saline. Do not hesitate. Basch + Lomb Lover
  • Coral Ko - 02 Sep 2016
    Good! Just what I need. No complain.
  • Pria Deb - 25 Jul 2016
    This product does the job