Complete RevitaLens Solution Flight Pack

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  • Complete RevitaLens Solution Flight Pack
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Complete RevitaLens Solution Flight Pack Product Description

Enjoy the quality clean and convenience of Complete RevitaLens Solution in a compact flight-sized, 100ml bottle. This multi-purpose solution is perfect for travellers going away on shorter trips, who don’t need a full bottle of solution, while the bottle also complies with airport hand luggage liquid restrictions. 

With its incredibly moisturising formula, you can worry less about your contact lenses losing moisture and dry eyes developing towards the end of the day. Created by AMO, RevitaLens Contact Lens Solution is an impressive multi-purpose solution that works to rinse, clean, store and care for your monthly and two weekly contact lenses without you having to purchase multiple products. This is extra useful for when you have limited space in your bag/luggage. 

The Complete RevitaLens Solution Flight Pack is the perfect answer to your travelling needs. If you need a larger bottle, the multi-purpose solution is also available in a one month supply, or as a triple pack.  

Benefits & Features

  • Perfect for air travel
  • Multipurpose solution
  • Cleans and removes bacteria, dust and protenme deposits
  • Prolongs lens wearing comfort
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