Contact Lens Solutions

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Most monthly and two weekly contact lenses require cleaning and storing in solution every night. Just as we offer an extensive range of different lenses at FeelGood Contacts, we also stock a wide selection of solutions. This means that you can find the ideal solution for you and your contact lenses.

Types of solutions


Compatible with every soft contact lens, including lenses made from silicone hydrogel, multi-purpose solutions are a highly convenient choice when it comes to cleaning, disinfecting, storing and rinsing your contact lenses. Some of the most popular multi-purpose solutions available from FeelGood Contacts include: ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution, Complete RevitaLens and comfi All-in-One Solution.

Saline solutions and contact lens cleaners

Able to remove dirt and protein build-up from the contact lens surface, saline solutions and contact lens cleaners leave your lenses feeling fresh and comfortable.

Protein removal tablets, such as Ultrazyme Universal, can be used alongside some solutions to provide an even more effective clean of your lenses.

Peroxide solutions

Hydrogen peroxide solutions provide a highly thorough clean and disinfection of your contact lenses. You can even use them to store contacts - however the lenses then require neutralisation before they’re suitable for wear. Some hydrogen peroxide solution holders contain a built-in neutraliser that turns the solution into water. However, others are for use with a two-step process, meaning you’ll need to add a neutralising tablet to the solution and lens after disinfection.

FeelGood are delighted to stock some of the UK’s best-selling hydrogen peroxide solutions, including AOsept and Oxysept.

Gas permeable solutions

Gas permeable and hard contact lenses are typically designed for longer term wear, meaning you’ll need to pay extra attention when cleaning your lenses to ensure they stay hygienic and hydrated. That’s why gas permeable solutions such as the Blink Total Care range work to re-wet your lenses and remove deposits after a day’s wear, keeping them fresh and comfortable to wear the next day.