Green Contact Lenses

What are green contact lenses?

Green coloured contact lenses allow you to introduce a rare and desirable new colour to your eyes, or to add depth to your eye colour if you’re lucky enough to already have green eyes.

Coloured contacts from leading contact lens manufacturers are available in a wide range of prescriptions, designed to correct short-sightedness or long-sightedness. Or, if you’re just looking for green contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, a number of top brands of colour contacts are also available in zero prescription form.

Why should I choose green contact lenses?

Green is one of the rarest eye colours in the world. In fact, it’s estimated that only around 2% of the world’s population have green eyes. Which makes green contact lenses all the more desirable as you can try out this unique and stunning colour for your eyes, either on a daily basis or for just a special occasion.

Whether you’re after a gentle and natural enhancement of your iris, or looking to welcome an entirely new colour to your eyes, green contact lenses are an ideal choice.

What types of green contact lenses are there?

Buy green contact lenses at Feel Good Contacts for the guaranteed cheapest UK prices. Whether you want to introduce the colour green to your eyes, or enhance the colour of your green eyes, you’ll be sure to find the lenses to achieve your desired effect.

FreshLook Colorblends offer an enhancement lens that blends three shades of a colour together to create a subtle and alluring colour blend effect with your natural eye colour. Enjoy a selection of colours that includes Green, Gemstone Green and Turquoise, offering you the green contact lenses for a range of looks.

Air Optix Colors allow you to choose between a light or dark shade of green coloured contacts. These monthly lenses are known as some of the most breathable contacts around, ensuring a fresh and comfortable wear, whether you wear them everyday or only as an occasional accessory.

For those after a more dramatic change, FreshLook Colors are an ideal option. These monthly lenses achieve a striking effect as opaque green contact lenses.

FreshLook One Day have been designed for increasing the depth and vibrancy of your eye’s natural colour, or introducing a new colour entirely to light eyes. Available in a green edition, these daily disposables are a popular choice for those used to occasional colour contact lens wear.

Expressions Colors are enhancement lenses that are ideal for anyone wanting to try out a new eye colour, available in single lens packs. Choose between Green and Aqua to experience green eyes with these monthly contacts.

Enjoy a huge selection of different green contact lenses when you buy SofLens Natural Colors. These coloured lenses are available in Aquamarine, Amazon, Emerald and Jade.

FreshLook Dimensions Sea Green contact lenses are also a popular choice and can be bought in a 6-pack supply, or as a cosmetic contact lens 2-pack.