Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

What is astigmatism?

A common condition these days, astigmatism comes from your eye’s cornea not being entirely spherical in shape. While corneas are normally spherical, a cornea with astigmatism is typically oval shaped. This means that, you’ll most likely suffer from blurry or distorted vision as the eye is unable to adjust to the light that enters it.

The three types of astigmatism are as follows:
  • Myopic – one or both of your eye’s principle meridians is short sighted
  • Hyperopic – one or both of your eye’s principle meridians is long sighted
  • Mixed astigmatism – one principle meridian is long sighted and the other is short sighted

What are toric contact lenses?

Toric contact lenses have been specifically designed to counter the effects of astigmatism and let you enjoy undisturbed vision.

A toric lens is a torus shape, providing an uneven curve that effectively bends and focuses on the light entering your eye. Toric lenses are prescribed with an ‘axis’ figure, letting you know the degree of the curvature of your cornea.

If you think you have an astigmatism, it’s best to speak with your optician as they’ll be able to prescribe you with your required axis and recommended contact lenses.

Different types of toric contact lenses

Toric contacts are available as monthly, two weekly and daily disposable lenses.

Popular daily disposable toric contact lenses are 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism and Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric, while some of our best-selling monthly editions include PureVision2 for Astigmatism, Biofinity Toric and Air Optix for Astigmatism.