The Dangers of Halloween Costumes to Your Eyes

Thursday, 27 October 2016
The Dangers of Halloween Costumes to Your Eyes

Learn how to avoid any eye scares this Halloween.

Halloween is one of the year’s most popular holidays and allows you indulge in scary and spooky festivities, whether you’re going trick-or-treating or you’re attending one of many Halloween-themed parties. Picking your costume is one of the most important things, as you’ll want your ghost, zombie, ghoul, or vampire to really cause a fright. But when it comes to selecting your costume, you should take extra care to ensure your eyes are not in for any scares. 

Eye make-up

No matter what you’re dressing as, you’re probably going to need to apply some face paint or make-up to create that desired effect. If you opt for eye make-up, you’ll need to be careful so as to avoid any make-up or paint getting into your eye. Using powder close to your eyes can be dangerous for this reason, and if you are a contact lens wearer then the dust can easily get behind your lenses. Glitter should also be avoided if you’re a contact lens wearer, and it is very handy to opt for a pencil that isn’t too soft when applying eye liner.  

Halloween-themed contacts

As time has gone on, people have become more and more inventive with their Halloween costumes. Coloured contact lenses are just one of the many popular accessories that are around today, and are a stylish option to intensify your spooky look on the night. 

However, the emergence of cheap, poor-quality fashion contact lenses on the UK market has proved dangerous to the eye health of those wearing them. Some UK retailers, both online and in-store, sell sub-par contact lenses at prices as low as £5. Wearing these lenses can result in severe irritation and pain for your eyes, as well as an increased risk of infection.

That’s why at Feel Good Contact Lenses, we only sell genuine branded contact lenses, to ensure the quality of the products that we provide our customers with. Our selection of fashion contact lenses offers everything you might want to add some extra scare to your Halloween costume. 

It is also a very good idea to speak to your optician prior to purchasing fashion contact lenses. This way, you’ll know your exact prescription and contact lens requirements.  

Remember to remove your lenses

Chances are, if you’re attending a Halloween-themed party, you’ll probably be getting into bed quite late, and you might be very tired. If you do wear contact lenses, it is very important (unless you use extended-wear contact lenses) to take your lenses out before going to sleep! Leaving them in can result in your eyes feeling dry and scratchy the next day, while the risk of infection is greatly increased. 

We hope that you find these tips useful and that you keep your eyes safe this year. Finally, the team at Feel Good Contact Lenses would like to wish you a very happy Halloween! 
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