Halloween Contact Lenses - Safety Guide

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The spooky season is right around the corner and many people will be looking to purchase some coloured contact lenses for Halloween.

A Halloween costume is your chance to be fun and creative. Why not try out some colour Halloween contact lenses if you’ve never tried them? Prescription Halloween contact lenses are also available, for those that need visual correction. Just be sure to buy your crazy lenses from a reputable retailer.

We look at how you can buy the best contact lenses for Halloween and avoid any mishaps.

Buy your contact lenses from a reputable supplier

You should always buy your contact lenses from companies that are supervised by a registered optician. There are many places you can buy coloured contact lenses from such as tattoo parlours, costume shops, market stalls and beauty shops, particularly around Halloween. Buying from these places could put you at risk of getting an eye infection.

It's tempting to just go for the cheapest option available, but you’d be putting your eyes at serious risk. These retailers aren’t adhering to the same high level of safety standards as those supervised by opticians. A lot of people have bought contact lenses from such places and reported itching, discomfort and the feeling of something being in their eye (ironically, there literally is something in your eye when you’re wearing contact lenses, but you shouldn’t feel that it’s there!). Coloured contact lenses are safe to use as long as the lens is properly fitted to your eye, make sure you get the correct fit by getting a prescription before purchasing.

Stick to well-known brands

Feel Good Contacts stock a wide range of prescription coloured contact lenses from trusted manufacturers, designed to complement any Halloween look, whether you want something subtler or more dramatic. FreshLook, Air Optix, Expressions and Acuvue are all excellent and well-known brands of coloured contact lenses. For a more affordable option, comfi are high-quality, comfortable lenses that are available in both multi-colour and single colour options.

For something more subtle, Acuvue Shimmer and Acuvue Sparkle both help to add definition if you wish to simply add more depth to your eyes as opposed to a colour change.

Popular Halloween Contact Lenses

Below are some of our best colored contact lenses for your next fancy dress party.

FreshLook Colorblends offer a natural appearance due to their 3-in-1 colour blend technology. This gives a more natural colour appearance, blending seamlessly with your eye colour.

Air Optix Colors also offers this natural looking colour blend, but are made from silicone hydrogel for added comfort and longer wear, perfect for late night Halloween parties.

For a more vibrant colour change, FreshLook Colors offer a dramatic and stylish change to your eyes. Available in 6 stunning colours, these monthly lenses are perfect for a ghoulish look.

comfi Colors are an excellent daily coloured lens that feels comfortable on the eyes. For a beautiful yet natural change, these coloured dailies also provide UV protection.

For a vibrant colour change, Expressions Colors are a comfortable and hydrating monthly lens. Available in 6 colours, these lenses would complement a wide array of fancy-dress costumes.

Don’t buy cheap lenses to save money

Over-the-counter lenses may not have met the same safety standards or have been made by trusted manufacturers. With this in mind, it’s best to spend a little more money to ensure your safety. Feel Good Contacts offers the best prices on all of your colour contact lenses for Halloween when compared to other online contact lens retailers. If you find your Halloween contacts cheaper at one of our competitors, we will match the price.”. University students can also take advantage of our 5% discount on all orders.

Halloween contact lens safety tips

  1. Always wash your hands and make sure they are completely dry before inserting or removing your lenses (make sure you dry them with a towel that doesn’t shed, or you risk those fibres being transferred to your eye)
  2. Remove your lenses before you remove your make-up
  3. Don’t rub your eyes whilst wearing the lenses
  4. If your lenses can be used multiple times, make sure the lenses are stored in a clean lens case with solution inside at night
  5. Don’t reuse your daily, disposable lenses
  6. If you experience any discomfort during wear, remove and discontinue use
  7. Don’t sleep in your lenses, and only wear for the recommended time

Practice good hand hygiene

When applying and removing your contact lenses, you must always follow good hand hygiene practices. Before inserting your lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them with a lint-free towel. Before removing your contact lenses, wash your hands again before taking removing them from your eyes. You can read our full guide on how to insert and remove your contact lenses here.

Store them properly

If you plan on wearing your Halloween contact lenses after Halloween, or multiple times leading up to the day, make sure to store them properly in fresh contact lens solution and a clean contact lens case. comfi All-in-One solution is both a high quality and value-for-money solution. The multi-purpose formula will clean, rinse, wet, store and disinfect your contact lenses. You can store your lenses in our handy Feel Good Contact Lens Case.

Find the perfect coloured contact lens for you

Feel Good Contacts was founded by qualified optometrists who care about supplying high-quality contact lenses online at an affordable price. We have a broad range of prescription Halloween contacts, all are also available in plano versions for purely cosmetic use. FreshLook Colorblends have a combination of natural and more striking hues. Comfi Colors 1 Day are a high-water content, thin lens that provides all day comfort. You’ll also have the benefit of throwing these away after one use, avoiding the hassle of a cleaning routine at the end of the day. Air Optix Colors have three different colours blended together to add even more depth to your eyes. Whatever colour you choose, remember to look after your prescription contacts with our tips stated above.

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