Optician Own Brand Specsavers

At FeelGood Contacts, we sell exactly the same lenses as you get from Specsavers, but with the manufacturer’s original branding and at much lower prices.

All of our orders are delivered next working day, meaning you can get your lenses in no time at all, without having to stop in at your optician’s.

Specsavers Daily Disposable
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Alcon & Ciba Vision
Specsavers Monthly Disposables

Can’t see the name of your Specsavers contact lenses on our website? That’s because Specsavers repackage contact lenses with their own branding, but few people know that they’re actually the same lenses that are sold by brands such as Focus Dailies, Proclear and Air Optix.

So, if you use Specsavers’ Easyvision daily or monthly brands, such as Vitrea, Opsys or Vusion, you’ll be able to find the same lenses, suited to your prescription, but simply under a different name and at a lower price!

To find out which equivalent contact lens brand are available at FeelGood Contacts, consult our table of Specsavers products. You’ll find that the equivalent brand stocked by us is cheaper, especially if you choose to order a whole year’s worth of lenses in one go.