Rewetting Drops

Unfortunately, Rewetting Drops has been discontinued. Biotrue Rewetting Drops Vials is a suitable alternative.

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Rewetting Drops: Further Information

Fight off painful and irritating dry eye symptoms with Rewetting Drops, from eye care experts Bausch & Lomb. Suitable for use with all soft contact lenses, you can even apply these eye drops while your lenses are in, making them one of the most convenient dry eye treatments around.

Rewetting Drops work to reintroduce moisture to your contact lenses, making them perfect for those long days at the office and to counter a variety of other environmental factors. They’re designed to lubricate and protect your contact lenses. The build-up of protein and other deposits is reduced, while the exceptional eye drops also hydrate your lenses making them smooth and much more comfortable to wear.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. However, Biotrue Rewetting Drops are widely regarded as an upgrade to Rewetting Drops.

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