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    Review Blink Refreshing BottleThese are the only drops my partner can find that don''t cause irritation.
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    Review Blink Refreshing BottleWork effectively with all my contact lenses!
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    Review Blink Refreshing BottleUse it to help keep eyes hydrated when wearing contacts for long periods.

Blink Refreshing Bottle Product Description

Treat dry, irritated and gritty eyes with Blink Refreshing eye drops – suitable for use whether you have your contact lenses in or not. 

These quality eye drops have been specifically designed to mimic natural tears in offering widespread moisture across the eye. Immediate soothing relief is ensured by Blink Refreshing eye drops, which are suited to those with even the most sensitive of eyes. 

Dry eye is a common problem for contact lens wearers, but with Blink Refreshing eye drops you can combat any negative effects and ensure your lenses stay moist and comfortable to wear.  

You can even carry them with you when you’re out and about due to the conveniently-sized 10ml bottle.

Benefits & Features

  • For contact lens wearers – can apply drops with lenses in
  • Hyaluronate and electrolytes found in the eye create comfortable, natural feel
  • Ocupure™ preservative  breaks down when exposed to light for minimal irritation
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