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Biotrue Rewetting Drops Bottle Product Description

Reintroduce moisture and enjoy soothing comfort from your contact lenses when you use Biotrue Rewetting Drops.

The dry eye drops have been designed to combat the effects of dry eye and irritation by rewetting your contacts, whether soft or hard lenses. The preservative-free eye drops gently lubricate and rehydrate contact lenses, making them ideal for those who frequently experience dry eye. 

Biotrue Rewetting Drops is a highly effective treatment to protect against factors such as air conditioning, pollution, digital screens and warm environments. These are all commonplace in the world today, making Biotrue Rewetting Drops a convenient and reliable accessory for looking after your lenses and your eyes. 

Benefits & Features

  • 10ml bottle
  • Preservative free
  • Suitable for use with hard and soft lenses
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