What are the best multifocal contact lenses?

The best multifocal contact lenses on the market are made up of the highest quality in material, technology and performance to help you see clearly near, far and in between. With a wide range of lenses to choose from we’ve broken down our top selling multifocal contact lenses and explain why they’re so popular.

Please note you will need to seek advice from your optician who will examine your eyes and help identify the best multifocal contact lens for you.

Top multifocal contact lenses

  1. 1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal are our top selling multifocal contact lenses for providing excellent comfort with the convenience of being a daily disposable. Using Lacreon technology, the clever lenses lock in moisture for the whole day and keep your eyes irritation free. Whilst, the unique design of the lenses fits perfectly over the natural shape of your eye to offer a seamless visual experience.
    If you have a busy lifestyle and want to take care of your eyes, then these are the multifocal contacts for you. They offer UVB and UVA protection and are to be disposed after a full day’s wear, ensuring a healthy contact lens wear.
    • Pauline Radzikowska
      I love these lenses been using now for about 5 years great vision both close up and distance very comfortable I forget I have them in
    • Jeanette Blease
      A virtual miracle! I can now see to read, drive and use my computer screen at work and home with no additional specs. They are comfortable too. What''s not to love...
  2. Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal is renowned for its impressive blink-activated moisture technology, making them one of the best multifocal contact lenses. The lenses work to release moisture into the eye every time you blink and can be worn for up to long hours.
    These multifocal contacts are convenient for the working professional who needs a lens that can keep up with them without letting their presbyopia get in the way.
    It’s easy to see why these are a favourite amongst contact lens wearers as you can rely on them for sharp and comfortable vision.
    • Janet Ayers
      very comfortable and give excellent depth of focus
    • Shane Prevel
      I need multifocal lenses and prefer daily disposable lenses. Over the years I have tried many different brands. I work in an office and stare at a monitor for 8 hours a day in an air conditioned environment. This causes most lenses to dry out and become irritating however I have not had such a problem with these lenses. On weekends I ride my motorcycle and go for walks without any problems with my eyes. Also I do not need to wear reading glasses at work with these multifocal lenses and can see distances clearly when riding. I can fully recommend these lenses.
  3. Biofinity Multifocal is considered our best monthly multifocal contact lenses for its excellent combination of performance and durability. They are the perfect answer to help correct presbyopia, offering clarity and comfort. The use of both Balance Progressive technology and Aquaform technology works to provide precise vision at all distances, all the while delivering a comfortable lens wear for the entire month.
    If that hasn’t won you over, these silicone hydrogel lenses can also be worn as extended wear (provided you have approval from your optician) which means you can wear them for up to 7 days consecutively, without taking them out.
    • Lori Smith
      A great contact lens that sees me through the whole month in comfort.
    • Nikki J. Farr
      Most comfortable lenses ever, only worn lenses for a little over 2 years now and never had an issue with these ever
  4. Dailies Total 1 Multifocal is a great premium silicone hydrogel multifocal contact lens option. They are popular for providing the maximum level of comfort through bring the first water gradient contact lens and offering high oxygen transmissibility through the lenses. This means you’ll experience the upmost comfort and breathability from these multifocal contacts, even for long periods. As well as enjoying exceptional moisture and hydration, the Precision Profile design of the multifocal lenses guarantees seamless vision, near, intermediate and far. On top of this, being a daily disposable lens means whether you wear lenses regularly or on occasions it gives you the convenience and freedom you’re after.
    • Mr MacRonald
      Good quality vision and able to wear for long periods due to greater oxygen transfer through the lens material.
    • BW
      Most comfortable lenses I’ve ever had. Well worth the little extra they cost.
  5. Being the only two weekly multifocal contact lens, it’s a given Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia takes title for most popular multifocal contact lenses. They cover convenience at every angle as they provide an outstanding level of comfort, seamless vision and hygiene. Designed with Stereo Precision technology, these multifocal contacts won’t compromise a smooth visual wear across distances. Compared to monthlies, these two weekly contacts can be replaced more regularly making them more hygienic for your eyes. They’re also made from silicone hydrogel material, so they allow more oxygen to pass through to the eyes. The material is breathable enough that it can even be worn as extended wear (however you will need to seek approval from your optician).
    • Ian Jones
      Great lenses,and no reading glasses to worry about!
    • J Rowe
      Great product - vision greatly improved as a result of using these.



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