What are the best contact lenses 2020?

best contact lenses review

The best contact lenses for you depends on what your eyes require. Leading manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Alcon & Ciba Vision and CooperVision to name a few, are proud creators of the best contact lenses on the market. These lenses are made up of unique materials, technologies and features that make them the best contact lenses for you.

Top 10 best contact lenses

  1. It’s no surprise 1 Day Acuvue Moist is one of our bestselling daily disposable contact lenses. They are popular amongst daily wearers for being the most convenient, hygienic, safe and comfortable way of wearing lenses. Lacreon technology is used to lock in moisture, keeping your eyes hydrated throughout the whole day. They are even available in an astigmatism version and multifocal version.
    1 day acuvue moist with lacreon
    • Susan Bryant
      I’ve tried a few lenses over the years but about 18 months ago I tried these and haven’t used anything else. They’re so easy to put in and don’t dry my sensitive eyes even after 12 hours. Vision is clear morning to night.
    • Tracey
      These contact lenses feel great, considering I suffer with dry eyes. Would highly recommend to any sufferers.
  2. comfi Daily Disposable is exclusive to Feel Good Contacts and favoured for its incredibly affordable price, without compromising on comfort or quality. No doubt they have become popular, with a high-water content level of 58%, to keep your eyes refreshed till the very end of the day. For added convenience the lenses are available in a 5 pack, giving you the option to try them without having commit to a whole 30 pack.
    1comfi daily disposable
    • Addie
      First time buyer and very impressed so far. Better than my previous expensive and branded ones. Still very comfortable after 12 hours of wear. will recommend
    • Mrs Williams
      Best lenses I''ve tried over the years. Very comfortable for me and great price.
  3. Acuvue Oasys are the perfect modern silicone hydrogel contact lenses as they offer a combination of comfort and convenience. Not only do the lenses provide a high level of oxygen permeability but they also give the wearer UVA and UBA blocking. Compared to monthly lenses they are more hygienic way of wearing contact lenses and against daily lenses they are more affordable. Making them ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle.
    acuvue oasys with hydraclear plus
    • Lorraine
      I''ve used these lenses for some time, they stop my eyes drying and are easy to wear
    • Jacqueline Mizzi
      Best contact lenses I've ever worn, so comfortable and my eyes are never dry. would highly recommend.
  4. Around for some time, Air Optix Aqua are reviewed highly for its quality and for being one of the bestselling monthly contact lenses in the market. With a silicone hydrogel design, the lenses allow more oxygen than traditional contact lenses making them offer the same level of comfort from day 1 to day 30. It’s no wonder that they’re so popular. They’re so comfortable that with the approval of your optician these lenses can be worn continuously for up to a week.
    alcon air optix aqua
    • Anna Markland
      I find these monthly contacts really good, even towards the 30 day mark. Easy to put in, breathable. Been wearing them for years and not had any issues.
    • lisa wilson
      My favourite lenses! Robust, comfortable for all day wear for my dry eyes and very visible to put in and remove for my rapidly failing eyesight!!!! Have cancelled my contract with Boots as they don’t stock these anymore and their replacements are more expensive and inferior.
  5. Designed for working professionals, Dailies AquaComfort Plus are daily contact lenses that offer a fresh and comfortable contact lens wear. The daily lenses use an exclusive blink activated technology to keep your eyes moisturised all day long. The benefits of these lenses are that they prevent the onset of dry eye. Making these an office favourite for those who work in an air-conditioned environment or spend long hours in front of a digital screen.
    alcom dailies aquacomfort plus
    • Tony Martin
      Great contacts, they are comfortable all day, don’t know I’m wearing them. They are a great price, I have tried several cheaper options but they are never as comfortable, highly recommend.
    • Ros Brewer
      Love these lenses - I wear them most days for about 15 hours with no problems at all. In fact much better than more expensive lenses I’ve tried!
  6. Dailies Total 1 Dailies Total 1 is recognised as the best daily silicone hydrogel contact lens on the market, made by contact lens specialist Alcon and Ciba Vision. The wearing pattern is the most hygienic way of wearing contact lenses, as the lenses are to be disposed at the end of the day. And, together with a high-water content level of 80%, a silicone hydrogel lens material and thin lens design, make them the highest performing contact lenses.
    alcom dailies total 1
    • Dan D
      Have worn lenses for several years and these are by far the best. Admittedly more expensive but worth it for something that is in direct contact with your eyes in my opinion. Remarkable difference in moisture compared to others I''ve used and my eyes haven''t once been dry or itchy in the 3 mo ths I''ve used them. Highly recommend.
    • Anthony Christopher Hackett
      These are by far the easiest daily contacts to wear, and I have tried all the other brands. They are also the most expensive but you get what you pay for. My optician is fastidious about eye health and she wears these, they let the most oxygen through to the cornea of any contact lens on the market.
  7. Biofinity are rated the best monthly contact lenses that stand up to the demands of modern living. Made with a silicone hydrogel material and Patented Aquaform technology they allow a higher supply of oxygen into the eye compared to other monthly soft contact lenses. As a result of its premium level of comfort and moisture, these lenses can even be worn for up to a week as extended wear lenses, provided you have approval from your optician.
    coopervision biofinity
    • Alex
      Great for extended wear, my eyes rarely dry out with these lenses. I''m a plasterer , working in a dusty environment and these lenses do the job perfectly
    • Gill Perry
      Ideal for long wear. Is use them for at least 9 hours at a time. Very comfortable, they stay hydrated and reasonably durable. My current go to lenses ��
  8. Even though Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxe are one of the latest additions to Johnson and Johnson, they have already become a favourite. These silicone hydrogel contact lenses have become popular amongst daily wearers because they offer the same performance as Acuvue Oasys with the addition of being a daily disposable. Making them a more hygienic and healthier way of wearing contact lenses. So, we can understand why so many customers have converted over to these premium lenses.
    acuvue oasys with hydraglyde
    • Slsa
      Very comfy lenses - can wear them in front of a screen for over 10-12 hours a day and they still feel like new
    • B Gibson
      I started using contacts 2 months ago. Previously I used the acuvue moist but decided to give these a go as I spend a lot of time in an air conditioned office, on a computer and find my eyes dry out towards the end of the day. I''ve been using them for 2 days so far. They''re a little thicker and larger than the moist, so were slightly easier to handle and put in and they seem to keep my eyes moist all day so far! I believe these allow more oxygen in to the eye, so are advised for regular wear - so worth spending a few extra pounds if you want to look after your eye health!
  9. FreshLook Colorblends is titled best monthly coloured contact lenses for its wide range of colour choice, giving customers the option to choose from a vibrant or natural look. The colour blend technology combines three shades to instantly complement your natural eye colour, making them more desirable than a one toned lens. Not only will you achieve an enhanced look, but you can also rely on comfort and quality without breaking the bank.
    ciba vision freshlook colorblends
    • Toni Shaw
      First time wearing contacts. Worn for full 12 shift at work working in a hot busy kitchen I was amazed no runny eyes no redness really comfortable would definitely recommend .i had the blue and what a beautiful blue it was I looked totally different
    • Paige Honey
      Been using fresh look for about 5 years love the colours, I always get compliments and they are so comfortable.
  10. As well as performing highly as a daily lens, comfi Colors 1 Day has become our bestselling daily coloured contact lenses. For its quality in comfort and stylish choice of colours it comes to a surprise at how affordable they are. The stunning coloured lenses are highly breathable and can be worn for up to 12 hours, whilst they also offer UV protection if they weren’t a catch already.
    comfi colors 1 day
    • Sandra
      Love these, very comfortable and good choice of colours to try. On par with other well known brand but less expensive.
    • Andreea
      I enjoy wearing colour-full lens and used to buy big trusted brands which not only irritated my eyes easily, were uncomfortable, dried after couple of hours and were expensive. As I was tired of buying expeensives ones, after reading the review I decided to give it a try to Confi Colours and I may say that are brilliant! The lenses are very smooth does not dry Easy and do not irritate the eye( I have sensitive eyes) and have a pleasant colour. Great value for my money too. Will definitely make this my first choice from now one

We’ve narrowed it down even further and put together individual lists of the best contact lenses amongst the different types of lenses. Click on the link below to browse each category and find the best contact lens for you.

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