Prescription coloured contact lenses

What are prescription coloured contact lenses?

Prescription coloured contact lenses are coloured contacts designed to not only offer visual correction, but to temporarily change your eye colour. Prescription coloured lenses offer correction for myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness). They help to achieve clear and crisp vision, all the while offering that stylish eye colour update you're after.

Which types of prescription coloured contact lenses are there?

Ideal for anyone requiring visual correction, prescription coloured contact lenses can suit a wide range of cosmetic needs. Whether you're looking for a daily eye colour change from your lenses, or you want a pair for your next night out or fancy dress party, you'll find exactly the set for you.

We stock monthly and daily prescription coloured contact lenses, meaning you can find the lenses to suit your everyday or occasional needs.

In terms of style, you can achieve your desired look with our range of prescription coloured contact lenses. We can cater for you, whether you're after an opaque coloured lens for a dramatic and vibrant eye colour update, or enhancement coloured contacts for a subtle and natural-looking effect.

How to buy prescription coloured contact lenses

You should always have an up-to-date prescription and speak with your optician before trying out new lenses. This way you can be sure that the lenses you're after are suitable for your eyes to wear.

While results differ depending on your eyes' natural colour, your hair colour and skin tone, you should bear in mind that darker eyes generally require a more vibrant colour change, while lighter eyes are more easily changed by colour lenses.

For any advice on how to pick the prescription coloured contact lenses for you, read our helpful guide.

Prescription coloured contact lenses for lighter eyes

Feel Good Contacts stocks a wide range of prescription coloured contact lenses for lighter eyes.

For a subtle change with increased definition, why not opt for 1 Day Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer to add a darker ring around your Iris? Alternatively, 1 Day Acuvue Define Natural Sparkle creates a natural looking colour enhancement as well as making your eyes look larger.

Darker shades are the most transformative colours for lighter eyes, adding a touch of allure and mystery to the eyes and proving to be the best lenses for lighter eyes. FreshLook Colorblends and Air Optix Colors offer a natural looking colour mix that blends into your natural eye colour.

For a one tone and opaque colour change, SofLens NaturalColors, Expressions Colors , FreshLook Dimensions and FreshLook Colors achieve strong and vibrant colour changes. Those who prefer daily lenses can opt for FreshLook OneDay, which boast a range of softer shades.

All of our prescription coloured contact lenses for lighter eyes also come with the option of a zero power in the lens for those who do not require a prescription.

Prescription coloured contact lenses for darker eyes stocks a brilliant range of prescription coloured contact lenses for darker eyes. It's best to opt for lighter shades when looking for the best contact lenses for dark eyes, as they will add a touch of vibrancy and truly stand out.

FreshLook Colorblends offer a 3-in-1 colour mix that contains a natural transition from the colour of the lens to your eye, ensuring that not only are your dark eyes completely transformed, but that they look perfectly natural.

FreshLook Colors achieve a more vibrant look, and are equally fantastic contact lenses for darker eyes, as they offer a flat and totally opaque appearance, completely covering your iris. SofLens Natural Colors and Expressions Colors also offer an opaque colour appearance, ensuring darker eyes are well covered and that you can enjoy a bolder look.

Contact lens wearers who prefer a silicone hydrogel lens can opt for Air Optix Colors, which offer both increased wearing comfort and a natural colour blend. Wearers looking for more definition as opposed to a drastic change in colour, should try FreshLook Illuminate to enjoy more defined eyes that appear larger.

All of our prescription coloured contact lenses for darker eyes are also available in zero prescription form for anyone looking for a purely cosmetic lens.

Prescription Halloween contacts

Halloween is a great time to try out more adventurous looks, and what better way to change your look than with some colour contact lenses?

Unfortunately, many high street and online shops take advantage of the quick time that Halloween passes, offering cheap prescription Halloween contacts that may not be safe for wear. The lenses are usually made of materials that are not made of the correct materials that can be safely inserted in the eye, similarly, the solutions they are stored in may not be suitable for use around on in the eye area.

At Feel Good Contacts, we only stock the best quality prescription Halloween contacts from the most reputable contact lens manufacturers. Our wide range of colours and brands ensures that you'll find a colour that will fit whatever look you're going for. Better to be safe than sorry, and you'll be safe with our range of prescription Halloween contacts from some of the most reputable contact lens manufacturers.

We stock daily disposable colour lenses such as FreshLook OneDay, if you don't plan on wearing them any other time past Halloween, or monthly disposables if you plan on wearing them a few times. Colour contacts such as FreshLook Colorblends and Air Optix Colors offer a more natural looking colour transition in the iris due to their unique colour blend technology. Alternatively, Expressions Colors Single, FreshLook Colors, FreshLook Dimensions and SofLens Natural Colors provide a more vibrant set of colours to choose from.

All of our Halloween prescription colour lenses come with the option of having a plano (0.00) power in the lens, so you can wear them even if you don't have a prescription.