What are the best colour contact lenses?

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Coloured contact lenses are a brilliant way of adding an extra something to your overall look. Whether you want a highly vibrant colour transformation, a subtle colour change, or more depth and definition, we have a wide range of colour contact lenses that will fit your style.

We also offer a choice of both daily disposable colour contact lenses and monthly colour contact lenses. It is important to remember that how coloured contact lenses will look on your eyes will differ depending on whether or not you have light or dark eyes. We’ve broken down the best colour contact lenses on our site to help you choose which one is best for you.

comfi Color 1 Day

comfi Color 1 Day is a vibrant and high-quality collection of daily disposable colour contact lenses. If you prefer not to have a cleaning routine, the colour contact lenses will allow you to change your eye colour each day with a fresh pair of lenses that can be disposed of after wear. comfi Colors 1 Day colour contact lenses are available in 5 brilliant shades, including; Divine Green, Timeless Grey, True Blue, Gorgeous Brown and Sweet Hazel. The lenses also come in a unique Rainbow Pack featuring all 5 colours in the comfi 1 Day Colors range. comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack is a great option if you are unsure of which colour you want and would like to try each one before committing to buying one. comfi 1 Day Color lenses are the only colour contact lens range on the market that provides this option. When you’ve decided which colour from the pack you like the most, comfi Colors 1 Day is available in prescriptions from 0.00 to – 8.00.

Best Colour Contact lenses

FreshLook Colorblends

FreshLook Colorblends are one of the most recognisable and popular colour contact lens brands on the market. Available in 12 vibrant shades which include both natural colours such as blue, brown and green, as well as more vibrant and unusual colours such as Amethyst, Sapphire and Sterling Grey. The monthly colour contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days, and require a daily storing and cleaning routine. The natural colour mix of the lenses ensure that each shade will blend seamlessly with your irises. For a truly bold look that stands out, opt for the partner lens to FreshLook Colorblends – FreshLook Colors. The single toned lenses offer a highly noticeable colour change that cover the eye with one flat colour, perfect for the colour contact lens wearer who truly wants a dramatic and visible change.

Air Optix Colors

For the ultimate feeling of comfort whilst wearing colour contact lenses, Air Optix Colors offers unrivalled hydration and moisture of any colour contact lenses. Its silicone hydrogel material allows up to 6 times more oxygen to reach the eye, offering intense comfort during the entire day and a 30 day wearing cycle. The lenses 3-in-one colour blend technology ensures a natural look. Air Optix Colors are available in 12 stunning shades that include Gemstone Green, Amethyst and Sapphire.

Best Colour Contact lenses

Expressions Colors (Singles)

Expression Colors (Singles) offer both value for money and a highly dramatic change to your eye colour. The lenses come in packs of single lenses as opposed to in pairs like most contact lenses, this is especially useful if you have a different prescription in each eye.

Expressions are incredibly vibrant and the best option if you want a very noticeable change. You can choose from aqua, blue, brown, dark blue, green, grey and hazel. Expressions Colors (Singles) also boast a 55% water content, ensuring that your eyes will remain hydrated and moisturised throughout both your daily wear, and the lenses entire wearing cycle.

FreshLook Illuminate

If depth and dimension are the aesthetic you are aiming for, FreshLook Illuminate will add both to your eyes, as well as making your iris look larger. The daily disposable lenses can be thrown away after one use, allowing you to have a fresh pair of lenses each day. These lenses work particularly well on light – medium toned eyes, intensifying your eyes natural colour.

FreshLook also offer daily disposable colour lenses in the form of FreshLook One Day if you do want a daily colour change. The natural coloured lenses come in grey, hazel, blue and green, perfect if you want a neutral looking colour change that will blend with your everyday look.

Regardless of which colour contact lenses you choose, all of our lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription options. If you have opted to purchase coloured monthly contact lenses, they must be stored in contact lens solution and cleaned and disinfected each day before wearing. comfi All-in-One Solution offers both value for money and a brilliant clean for your contact lenses. comfi solution comes in a travel pack size, a one month’s supply and a triple pack. You can store your lenses in our Feel Good Contact Lens Case, available in both a single and triple pack.

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