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Monday, 31 July 2023 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Love Island 2023 has come to an end, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve been loving this year’s drama, unexpected tests, intense challenges, heartwarming romance and especially the stylish sunglasses everyone has been wearing. We’re obsessed and it’s giving… 10/10.

winter love island 2023 sunglasses

Why do people on Love Island wear sunglasses in the morning?

Ever wondered why the Islanders are found wearing their shades indoors? The Islanders obviously know how important sun protection is, well, that and the lights in the bedroom are very bright in the morning! So, mostly to protect their pretty pupils.

What sunglasses do they wear on Love Island?

The Love Island Summer 2023 cast have been wearing a mixture of renowned brands, including Versace, Balenciaga, Prada and Ray-Ban. From classic to statement, the Islanders sunglasses choices have called for extra attention.

Ella Love Island Sunglasses

Image source: ITV 2

Feel Good Collection Valentine Black Polarised

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Ella and Tyrique without a doubt have been branded as the Island’s favourite couple, after their fair share of tests, arguments and head turns they’ve come out stronger, making them the ultimate pair. Ella’s made it clear what hers is hers and what’s Tyrique’s is also hers. Apart from sharing a bed, the cute couple also share the same statement sunglasses. Steal the look with these stylish rectangle Feel Good Collection sunglasses.

Zach Love Island Sunglasses

Image source: ITV 2

Ray-Ban RB3548N Hexagonal Gold 001 58 Polarised

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Smooth talking Zachariah came into the villa with good chat, winning over the beautiful Kady, we mean Molly. His confidence and charm can also be seen in his fashionable taste in sunglasses. Throughout his time on the Island Zach is seen wearing these timeless Ray-Ban sunglasses which did not disappoint in style or protection.

Lochan and Whitney Love Island Sunglasses

Lochan and Whitney
Image source: ITV 2

FGC Charlie C05 Blue Polarised

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Radley RDS 6501 172 Red

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It’s giving, shade. Voted the most popular couple and the most SMUG, Whitney and Lochan are also one of the most solidified couples in the villa. While many didn’t agree with their dumping decision, we definitely agree on their choice of sunglasses. Get the look with these cool Feel Good Collection Charlie sunnies and oversized Radley frames.

Kady Love Island Sunglasses

Image source: ITV 2

Le Specs Beautiful Stranger Black Polarised

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This year’s surprise return included amazing blue-eyed Kady McDermott. The bombshell’s return will probably be unforgettable after she chose Zach, causing a brutal dumping. Kady doesn’t hold back with her words or looks, she makes a continuous statement, especially in these gorgeous cat eye sunglasses.

Sammy Love Island Sunglasses

Image source: ITV 2

Versace Medusa Charm VE2199 1002 81 Black Polarised

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Sammy, Sammy, Sammy… notorious for going back and forth with Jess, one thing we can rely on him for was his choice in eyewear. The cheeky project manager from Kent held his title as bombshell, often wearing an aviator style frame, featuring a top bar. Get the look with these glamorous Versace sunglasses.

Abi and Molly Love Island Sunglasses

Abi and Molly
Image source: ITV 2

fgc hayden c1 black polarised

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victoria beckham vb606s 215 tortoise

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Both Abi and Molly have found themselves in a few sticky situations during their time in the villa. Molly making a return to the villa will go down in the Love Island history books, while Abi’s and Mitch’s love story has left our heads scrambled. Drama can also be found in their choice of oversized sunglasses.

Your Love Island dictionary

We know the world of Love Island can be a confusing place. You might watch the show and hear words/phrases being thrown around that you’ve never heard of. Consider this your official Love Island dictionary, read our guide and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Heads are scrambling

When you’re most likely in a couple and your heads about to be turned or is being turned, someone will find themselves confused and undecided.

E.g. There’s so many bombshells, heads are scrambling

Snake moves

A term that would refer to someone being shady or doing something behind someone’s back rather than being transparent and honest.

E.g. He should’ve told me first, that’s snake moves

It’s giving

It’s used to describe the energy of something and can be adaptably used against a person, time or situation.

E.g. It’s giving bad vibes


Another word for brother or friend.

E.g. What’s happening broski

I’m not gonna lie

A phrase used before giving your honest opinion on someone or a situation.

E.g. I’m not gonna lie she is my type

Deep it

When you take something seriously.

E.g. Being in the bottom two doesn’t mean anything, don’t deep it

Dead it

When you’re no longer interested in someone (or was never interested in the first place) so you make it known that you are not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with someone.

E.g. He’s just deaded it with me

Where’s your head at?

A way of asking how someone feels romantically about someone else.

E.g. We’re getting on great so far but I’m just not sure where my heads at<2/p>


When you are actively and determinedly pursuing someone in the hopes of forming a romantic relationship with them, you are grafting.

E.g. Ever since I messed things up I’ve been grafting to get her back

Good chat

If someone has ‘good chat’ it means they are very skilled in conversation.

E.g. I’m not sure if there’s a connection between us but at least he’s got good chat

Muggy/mugging me off

Muggy describes behaviour that is especially rude or disrespectful.

E.g. Getting with him before telling me was really muggy

The ick

Not just exclusive to Love Island, the ick is a phrase that has become increasingly popular in the mainstream. The ick describes a personality trait or behaviour that someone does which completely removes your initial attraction to them.

E.g. Seeing him shout really gave me the ick


Both gassed and buzzing mean that you are excited.

E.g. I’m gassed that she kissed me outside of a challenge!

My head’s turning

If your head has been turned, it means you have a romantic relationship with someone but you are suddenly also attracted to someone else, therefore questioning your interest in the first person.

E.g. I’m happy in my couple right now, but that doesn’t mean my head can’t be turned

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