Reasons why two pairs of glasses are better than one

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Saturday, 18 February 2023
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You may have found yourself thinking about getting a second pair of glasses. There are numerous reasons as to why two pairs of glasses are better than one. At Feel Good Contacts, we are constantly adding new frames to our eyewear collection. Not only do we believe two pairs can serve as a fashion purpose, but they also provide a practical solution for a range of scenarios.

Why do I need two pairs of glasses?

There are many advantages to having multiple pairs of glasses. Whether you're a contact lens wearer and are looking to switch from contact lenses to prescription glasses, or you're opting for glasses right away, here are some reasons why two pairs are better than one.


Make your second pair of glasses prescription sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is extremely important. For this reason, sunglasses are an essential accessory and for some, require a prescription.


Glasses can make a fashion statement

Fashion Glasses

Not only are glasses a practical measure to help you see better, but they also serve as fashion accessories for those who are style-conscious. You can be sure to stay ahead of the latest glasses trends with a second pair.

From wide rimmed glasses to pilot glasses, fashionable glasses come in all shapes and sizes; the choices are endless. Whether you wish to switch up your look or match your outfits, having two pairs of eyeglasses will allow you to do this, ensuring that you look super stylish, no matter what the occasion.


Eyewear can break

Broken Glasses

An extra pair of glasses will always come in handy as back up in case you break a pair and are left with nothing to drive or go to work in. Keeping an extra pair in a safe place, be it at work or in the car is always a good idea.


Eyeglasses can be easily misplaced

It's common for people who wear glasses to take them off and then forget where they left them. Having a spare pair of glasses will undoubtedly come in handy in this instance and can be kept in a safe place as back up for when you lose the first pair. 


Glasses for sports

You'll find that sports glasses are very different from your everyday pair in that they are designed to be scratch and shatter-resistant and offer UV protection. A protective pair of prescription glasses for sports that offers UV protection will prevent snow blindness and cataracts.


Glasses to support near and distant vision

Those who are older and wear glasses may experience presbyopia, a condition which inhibits us from seeing clearly at a variety of distances. Progressive lenses and bifocal glasses offer an excellent solution for correcting presbyopia and are a good choice of prescription reading glasses.

However, they may not be ideal in all situations. For example, you may find that bifocal glasses cause you problems with your posture when staring at a screen all day or that you may not get used to them. In these situations, two pairs of glasses are better than one.


Prescription computer glasses

Prescription Computer Glasses

These are great for those who find themselves in front of a screen for hours on end and are designed to prevent digital eye strain. These glasses are known as blue light glasses. You'll find they feature anti-glare which can help to reduce glare from computer screens and will provide you with a blue light filter which can help to reduce eye strain and provide a sharper image.


Glasses for day and night vision

Those who suffer from night blindness (or nyctalopia) may want to consider lenses which make seeing at night easier. A lens with an anti-reflective coating will work to reduce glare while driving at night. However, glasses with these sort of lenses may not be ideal for when it's bright and sunny outside.

Having two pairs of glasses is a practical choice for those who experience night blindness. A second pair of glasses is a safer and more comfortable solution.

If you're considering a second pair of glasses, you'll be sure to find a wide range at Feel Good Contacts. Buy prescription glasses online cheap and get the best quality lenses when you shop with us. From Oakley prescription glasses to Ray-ban prescription glasses, you'll be able to find a range of designer eyewear at the best UK prices guaranteed.

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