Haunting Halloween contact lenses on Sale for £6.99

Thursday, 24 October 2019
Haunting Halloween contact lenses on Sale for £6.99

-Create eerie eyes with Feel Good Contacts-
-Safe, high quality branded products sold under the supervision of qualified optometrists-

Feel Good Contacts has unveiled its range of coloured contact lenses for Halloween themed dressing up. Priced at £6.99 the comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack contains five striking colours and looks in one handy pack.

There’s nothing better than creating a shock on Halloween night and you can transform yourself from friendly to frightening this October thanks to Feel Good Contacts. Whether you’re planning to don a vampire, werewolf, witch, zombie or ghoul look, these freaky lenses will help you to spook your friends and neighbours.

comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack contains five vibrant colours including; True Blue, Timeless Grey, Divine Green, Gorgeous Brown and Sweet Hazel. The versatile pack removes the cost of investing in one colour and finding that it doesn’t look striking or horrifying enough for Halloween.

comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack colour contact lenses are made with an ultra-thin, soft and smooth hydrogel material that offers comfort and moisture for 12 hours.

Once you’ve tried every colour, you can buy each colour individually and enjoy the convenience and style of wearing a fresh new pair of lens each day with comfi Colors 1 Day daily disposables.

Ashish Mathur, Eye Care Expert at Feel Good Contacts warned “Whilst we want Halloween to be a memorable evening, we want it to be unforgettable for the right reasons and are warning consumers of the dangers of buying costume lenses without a prescription. Contact lenses are medical devices and should only be purchased with an optician’s prescription. In fact, it’s illegal to buy contact lenses without one. Even if you don’t need any vision correction, you still need to visit an optician to ensure that contact lenses are suitable for your eyes.”

Mathur’s comments come following the news that popular reality TV star Marnie Simpson has been banned from promoting coloured contact lenses after advertising watchdogs deemed the products “unsafe.” Marnie who rose to fame in 2013 with appearances in Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother has a huge social media following. She’s been promoting a range of zero powered cosmetic lenses which are being sold without the supervision of an eye care practitioner.

Mathur concluded: “We recommend that before buying your contact lenses you visit your eye care practitioner for a check-up, regardless of whether you are buying cosmetic lenses with or without powers. It is advisable that you avoid buying them from street vendors, salons, beauty supply stores, boutiques, flea markets, novelty stores, Halloween stores, convenience stores or untrustworthy internet retailers. These outlets may not abide by the same safety standards and regulations as a reputable contact lens retailer. When purchasing contact lenses from non-optical establishments, you could be putting your eyes at risk of a long list of eye-related conditions, including but not limited to; corneal infection, scratches on the cornea, conjunctivitis and reduced visual acuity. At Feel Good Contacts, your eye health is our number one priority, which is why we only stock lenses from manufacturers that adhere to the strictest safety and quality regulations.”

Halloween themed photography available on request.

About Feel Good Contacts

Established in 2008 by qualified optometrists, UK based, Feel Good Contacts is one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of discounted contact lenses and eye care products. It is also the only UK company to offer this discounted service via a mobile app. The matrix below shows the price per contact lens box charged by Feel Good Contacts compared to high street opticians.‬

The company has been striving to improve its green credentials both at its London based offices and warehouse and is now one of the first online contact lens retailers to actively participate in reducing plastic waste with the recycling of contact lenses.

Contact Lens Brand Price Per Box Savings Yearly vs Specsavers Savings Yearly vs Vision Express
Acuvue Oasys £17.49 £76.08 £112.08
Acuvue Oasys for Ast. £24.89 £90.00 £126.00
Air Optix Colors £15.50 £54.00 £54.00
Air Optix for Ast. £16.50 £48.00 £192.00
Biofinity £10.99 £92.08 £236.08
Biofinity Multifocal £26.89 £120.40 £132.40
Biofinity Toric £15.90 £112.80 £160.80
Dailies AquaComfort Plus £13.49 £24.24 £108.24
Proclear Multifocal £19.80 £17.60 £153.60
Proclear Toric XR £26.49 £52.08 £64.08

For further information, photographs and interviews, please contact us at: press@feelgoodcontacts.com

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