How young can a child get an eye test?

There are a number of routine eye checks that should occur during the first few years of your baby’s life to detect any immediate visual issues from birth.

As well as the newborn physical examination (72 hours after birth), there will be a follow-up eye check when your child is between six to eight weeks old.

During these first few years, if there are any problems with your child’s eyes or vision, it’s highly recommended to visit an optician or GP to see if any action is needed. However, if no issues arise then your child will only need to have their eyes checked every 1-2 years, as is the case with adults.

How young can a child wear contact lenses?

There is no set age limit on how old you have to be to wear contact lenses, with it only coming down to if you feel comfortable with your lenses in and if you’re responsible enough to care for them properly.

Having said this, many eye care professionals typically recommend lenses to children around the age of 11. Although, once again, there is no age limit and this can be a decision that the optician, parents and the child make together.

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