Eyes can become dry and tired at times for a many number of reasons, including air conditioning, prolonged computer use and general pollution. Thankfully, eye drops can be used to relieve these symptoms, as well as to treat allergies and other irritations. 

Most of the eye drops available from Feel Good Contacts are compatible for use with all soft contacts and silicone hydrogel lenses. However, it’s always best to check the packaging, or with your optician, to ensure your eye drops are suitable for use while your contacts are in.

On top of this, you’ll find all of our eye drops are available in travel-friendly sizes (typically bottles of 10ml) and are perfect to take with you on the go, whether you’re out for the day or heading abroad. We also stock single-use vials of many of our eye drops, such as Clinitas Soothe Vials and Biotrue Rewetting Drops Vials, which are even easier to carry with you.

Eye drops that can be used with contact lenses

Contact lens wearers can find eye drops specifically suited to a wide range of needs at FeelGoodContacts.com. Our best-selling eye drops for contact lens wearers include Blink Contacts and Biotrue Rewetting Drops, designed to add some extra moisture back into your contact lenses whenever you need it. 

Or, if you find your lenses have picked up any dirt or irritants as you go about your day, Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops are there to restore total hygiene even when you’re on the go.

All of our eye drops for contact lens wearers can be applied while you have your lenses in, meaning nothing will get in the way of you and perfect vision.