Top 10 myths about contact lenses

Top 10 myths about contact lenses

Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Top 10 myths about contact lenses

Worried about wearing contact lenses? Don't be. Here are the most most common myths and why you shouldn't worry about them...

There are many myths surrounding contact lenses, some of which wrongly put people off of buying them. Feel Good Contacts was founded in 2009 by two qualified, dedicated and caring optometrists who wanted to make contact lenses more accessible and affordable. We can assure you that following good hygiene and caring for your lenses will make wearing them effortless and trouble-free, and they’ll offer you many more advantages over wearing glasses. That’s why we’ve taken the time to separate fact from fiction. Here are some of the most common myths about contact lenses, debunked…

1. Contact lenses are expensive

Absolutely false! Feel Good Contacts sells the cheapest lenses (and designer sunglasses) on the market. With our Price Match Guarantee, you won’t find your contact lenses cheaper anywhere else on the market. We won’t be beaten on price and our customer service is among the highest-rated in the industry. We also offer an additional 13% off on first order to students for the entire duration of their studies, check out our student discount page for more information.

2. I must buy my contact lenses from my optician

Once you’ve had your contact lens fitting, you are not obligated to purchase your lenses from your optician. Your optician, however, is obligated to give you your prescription. Once you have details of your prescription contact lenses, you’re free to purchase lenses from anywhere, and online is always the cheaper option.

3. I am unable to wear contact lenses

Advances in technology, modes of manufacturing and materials means that almost anyone can wear contact lenses. You’ll find toric contact lenses that correct astigmatism and multifocal lenses for those who have presbyopia. If you happen to be astigmatic and have presbyopia, we’ve got lenses for that too!

4. Contact lenses are difficult to insert

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? You probably fell off a hundred times, ended up covered in scratches and barely escaped a broken bone. Somehow, you mastered it. If you could do that, we promise you can put in a contact lens. Like anything, it takes practice and patience. Head over to our contact lens fitting page for a more detailed breakdown on how to insert and remove contact lenses.

5. Contact lenses can get lost in your eye

Your eye has what is called the conjunctiva, a thin membrane that covers the white section of your eye and connects to the inside of your eyelids. Because of this, there’s no room for your contact lens to slip backwards and get lost at the back of your eye. If you see that your lens has slipped further upward than normal, keep blinking until it slides back into place.

6. I’m too old or too young to wear contact lenses

There is no specific age limit for anyone to wear contact lenses. As long as there is a contact lens that can cater for your prescription, you can wear lenses. As for children, if they can follow hygiene instructions, there’s nothing stopping them from wearing lenses either. There is also a belief that children’s eyes are too small for lenses, which is also not true.

7. Contact lenses will fall out of my eye

Old fashioned hard lenses did have an annoying habit of falling out on occasion, but with the advent of soft lenses, this is no longer the case. Modern lenses sit comfortably on the surface of the eye and rarely fall out. On the odd occasion that it does happen, it’s usually because someone has rubbed their eye far too hard. It’s unusual for a contact lenses to miraculously dislodge from someone’s eye.

8. I have to stop wearing makeup to wear contact lenses

You don’t have to give up wearing your favorite cosmetics when you start wearing lenses. In fact, there are many companies that market products to accommodate for individuals who wear contact lenses. You can see our list of recommended products for contact lens wearers here. We recommend you insert your contact lenses before applying your makeup and are mindful not to get any directly in your eye.

9. Wearing contact lenses causes eye problems

Contact lenses don’t directly cause problems, rather, the incorrect handling of them does. Contact lenses are no different from any other items you use that require close attention to hygiene and a careful cleaning routine.

If you feel a daily routine of cleaning is far too much of a hassle, consider wearing daily disposables that don’t need to be stored. Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contacts.

10. Contact lenses are uncomfortable

Not true. Millions of people enjoy the benefits of contact lenses, and there are many benefits to wearing lenses over glasses which we outline here. Most people go through a brief adjustment period after they initially start wearing lenses, but quickly find they don’t even notice them.

We hope we’ve busted some myths about contact lenses and put your minds at ease. Don’t forget we offer 10% off of your first order and 13% off on first order for students for the entire duration of study. Order before 7pm and receive your lenses the next day, or opt for Click & Collect and pick them up from our London warehouse within the hour.

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