The rising threat of poor eye health among UK children

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Monday, 25 July 2016 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Poor eye health is a serious threat to children’s quality of life. This is why eye test must be in parents’ top priorities to monitor their children’s good eye health. However, a quarter of parents in the UK said that they had never taken their children to an eye test, while 8% couldn’t recall when their child last had an eye exam.

This alarming negligence could result in a child’s poor learning and development given that vision is important in reading and writing. This may lead to various health conditions especially if the child has undetected vision problems or other related health concerns.

Raise your awareness about the rising poor vision problems among children in the UK. Here are fast facts and eye care tips to arm you with proper knowledge. 

rising poor vision problems

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Being visually impaired is more than just having trouble seeing, as it actually poses more effects to a child’s growth and development as proven by statistics.

Have your kids’ eyes tested as early as possible, and join the fight against poor eye health among  children in the UK. This is a gentle reminder from Feel Good Contact Lenses, UK’s number one online  contact lens store with a huge range of top branded contact lenses.

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