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Thursday, 07 July 2016 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

For some, that distant future is already here. Have a look at Feel Good contact lenses UK list of 5 eye and eyewear technologies that may begin to have a very real impact on your life, soon!

1.Eye tracking technology will change the way that you live. Most of us already have two cameras on our phones, the premium back camera and the front camera or, ‘selfie camera’. This simple piece of technology is being upgraded in order to monitor your eye movements while you look at your phone. A quick example of its implication: you’re texting your partner and type in your secret pet name for them: Hunnybunny. Many phones will naturally correct this to something irritating like ‘honeysuckle’, but not your phone, it read your eye movements and saw that you typed while concentrating. Similarly, by tracking movements your favourite website knows exactly what you want to see, and what you don’t.

Virtual reality headset

2.Technically, Virtual Reality Headsets are available already but ranging from £10 to £700, it’s clear that quality is going to vary.  You can tell by how many are in the pipeline that they’re going to be a massive part of future entertainment culture. Many of the headsets available now require you to fit your phone into them before strapping it to your face but don’t expect this to remain the case forever. They will surely become only sleeker, more high-end and perhaps, trendy.

3.Project Tango is a high tech development in augmented reality, by Google. It will see mobile phones functioning as eyes, better than your own eyes! The technology will allow your smartphone to map out whatever room you’re in, in real time. The right mobile phone app could show you exactly what that new kitchen would look like, how a piece of furniture could fit in your home or precisely how to navigate complex environments. It’s expected to be of particular use to those with disabilities like blindness or deafness.

4.The electric contact lens is a lot closer than you realise. For those of you who think there can’t be all that much to a lens, think again. New technology allows for circuitry to be stored within your lens. Scientists are developing a polymer film coating which can conduct electricity on the smallest surfaces. The new generation of lenses will have cameras that project images right onto the eye and could be the major treatment for blind people of the future.

5.The bionic eye is here to combat age related macular degeneration. It is a condition whereby the central part of your vision begins to fail, cruelly leaving only the peripheral vision. It affects roughly 10% of people aged over 65. However, the technology is here to overcome its most vicious effects. An implant now exists that is placed into the eye and connected directly to the retina. A camera picks up imagery (usually connected to a pair of glasses) and transmits the information to the implant which converts it into pulses of electricity. These are sent to the retinal electrodes and then up to the brain. The technology can only give the user a black and white outline, enough to navigate effectively, but as it improves, expectations are that one day blindness will be totally eradicated.

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