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Thursday, 21 July 2016 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

Read the Feel Good guide to eye contact. Is it in danger of becoming a lost art and what are the forgotten benefits?

It seems that in today’s cut and thrust world of movers and shakers, there’s less and less time available for people to just sit down, look each other in the eye and talk! Everyone has told someone off, or been told off, for using a mobile device in the wrong situation. However, times they are a-changing and sadly or not, communicating with someone remotely, rather than the person you’re next to, has become a prevalence.

We become increasingly skilled at managing overseas accounts from our smartphones, or hosting international conference calls through Skype etc., but could we be losing the ability to communicate in the here of the here and now?


person texting

Eye contact is a huge component of being able to communicate effectively. Think about how difficult it becomes when messaging back and forth through social media, you can never truly know how you’re being taken. Seeing someone’s instant reaction is great for getting feedback, it acts to synchronize you and make sure you’re on the same page. People will look into their friends’ eyes for a lot longer than strangers; and lovers will gaze at each other for longer still. It can assure people and make you come across as a more trustworthy person. This could have a massive impact on how we function professionally as well as socially. Lack of eye contact from men, for instance, is the main non-verbal cue that makes women feel they’re not being taken seriously at work.

Falling in love

For many people, dating apps like Tinder make the world of romance a lot easier to traverse. However, our parents managed without it somehow. Could it be that reliance on technology is making it more difficult for us to handle people we don’t know? One study found that feelings of passion were ignited between strangers who looked into one another’s eyes for a period of just 120 seconds! When we see something we like, our pupils naturally widen, even if only on a subconscious level, humans are good at noticing such things so don’t be shy to talk with your eyes. As light conditions dim, pupil-size enlarges to let more light in - suddenly it makes sense why noisy nightclubs are such a proven site for attraction! Clearly that’s no invitation to stare someone down for 2 minutes but bear in mind: on average, we only look at the person we’re talking with for 30-60% of the time. As that percentage increases, so could the meanings behind the gazing…

Break Up Text

Russell Brand did it to Katy Perry. Zayn Malik reportedly did it to Perrie Edwards. Even golfer Rory Mcllroy did it to Caroline Wozniacki. The infamous break up message. Breaking up is hard to do, but so much more so when you know, the object of your disaffection doesn’t see it coming. One study shows that 56% of people have chosen to end a relationship by text, email or social media while 74% would not like that treatment. The task is already a difficult one but seriously guys, by phone? By text? By Facebook?! The time has come to look each other in the eye again and what’s more, face the consequences!

Express Yourself!

From the kohl make up used by Cleopatra 2000 years ago, to the jewels used to adorn Indian eyes; we’ve long known that eyes are the gateway to engaging each other effectively. Have a quick look at Feel Good Contacts’ wide range of coloured contact lenses if you’re interested in experimenting with how you express yourself through your eyes.

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