Most Popular Costumes For Halloween 2018

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Halloween is the perfect time to play around with your hair, make-up and sense of dress. So, we’ve put together some popular looks to help you decide on what to go as this year.

From scary to funny, spooky to sparkly, there are no more rules when it comes to Halloween dress as people have become more creative with their fright night attire. Why not pair your look with a pair of coloured contact lenses? We’ll give you the full style guide.

The Classics

Goblins, ghouls, witches and warlocks.

Film, TV and all other forms of popular culture have long associated these characters of horror with the festival of Halloween. The witch’s loud haunting cackle, magical broomstick, dark make-up and black cat riding on the broomstick are popular Halloween motifs. As are bloody boils, green face paint and long pale robes symbolising ghosts, ghouls and phantoms.

Go the extra mile and add a pair of colour contacts to your look. If you have light eyes, try a dark shade such as brown contact lenses to add a touch of mystery to your eyes. India, dark hazel or emerald coloured lenses from SofLens deliver an opaque colour finish. If you have dark eyes, brighten them up with ‘sterling grey’ lenses from FreshLook Colors that offer a burst of light to your eyes.


Mythical creatures

Fairies, pixies and unicorns have always been Halloween favourites. The cheap and easy to create looks work well for any age, and can be customised to everyone’s own individual style. Some iridescent make-up and add-on accessories such as wings, antenna or a horn, matched with colourful clothing, usually works well. To complete your look, why not add a pair of Expressions Colors (Singles) contact lenses? These vibrant colour lenses work well on both light and dark eyes, transforming your eyes and overall look.


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Time eras

The ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s all had their very own unique looks that are easily recognisable. The ‘50s gave us the flapper dress, the ‘70s gave us flared jeans and large afros and the ‘90s gave us neon tops and metallic prints. Halloween is a perfect time to give a throwback to any of these iconic time periods. An extra fun idea is to perhaps choose a famous person from that era you can imitate, but try to be original; there’s bound to be 100 Michael Jacksons and Elvis’s out on the town.

Keep your eyes neutral with enhancement lenses such as Acuvue Define Shimmer, Acuvue Define Sparkle or Freshlook Illuminate, which are all designed to add depth and definition to your eyes.


Comic Book Heroes

Once the favourite pastime of comic book nerds, cosplay has catapulted itself into the mainstream, with several comic book conventions, festivals and the silver screen breathing a new air of life into our favourite comic book heroes and heroines.

Marvel Fans can opt for Black Panther, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow or Spider Man, while DC fans have Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Joker to choose from if you want to go crazy with face paint.

As many comic book heroes have mainly human features, we recommend adding a touch of colour that will intensify your natural eye colour, whilst keeping a natural look. FreshLook Colourblends offer a natural colour blend in the eye, flowing seamlessly into the iris.

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If you’re buying colour contact lenses, make sure to store, clean and disinfect them with solution. comfi All-in-One contact lens solution offers both an incredible clean and excellent value for money. The brilliant multi-purpose solution will ensure that your lenses are kept fresh for their entire wearing cycle. Finally, pair your comfi solution with our Feel Good Contact Lens Case.

If you’re unsure about how to wear make-up whilst wearing contact lenses, read our full guide here.

Whatever you decide to wear this Halloween, remember to stay safe while you’re having fun.

Happy Halloween.

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