How to sleep in hot weather

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Friday, 31 July 2020 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

If you're struggling to sleep, we have some tips for getting a good night’s sleep on a humid night.

When summer hits Britain, we can all find it hard to sleep amidst soaring temperatures. Sleeping in the heat can be a nightmare, we end up tossing and turning, endlessly trying to find the cool side of the pillowcase and cursing the weather for not letting us get enough sleep.

Countries with hotter climates than ours usually roll their eyes when we say we’re experiencing a ‘heatwave, but they forget that we're not used to these temperatures! Here are some of the best ways you fall asleep on a hot night.


How important is sleep for your eyes?

Sleep plays an important function in helping to keep your eyes in top condition. Lack of sleep can leave your eyes feeling dry and tired, try putting our TheraPearl Eye Mask into the freezer for two hours to soothe irritated eyes. For more information on how sleep affects our eyes, check out our other blog post.


Keep your bedroom cool


Make sure all the curtains and windows are closed throughout the day to help keep the heat out. You can also open the window an hour before bedtime to get some fresh air circulating. If you don't have an air conditioner (and really, who in Britain does?), then a fan will aid the air coming through your window to get around the room.

If you want to cool down, your bedroom more quickly, you can put a bowl of ice in front of your fan. This will blow ice cold air around the room.


Chill your bed covers


Your body may feel very hot as you’re going to bed, but your body temperature will drop throughout the night, so you’ll still need a thin layer to hand. To maximise your nighttime cool down you can put your bed sheet in the freezer for a few hours (sealed in a bag). If you don’t have room in your freezer to do this, you can always just put a pair of thin socks in there instead and wear them to bed.


Use a cold water bottle


We're all aware of hot water bottles, but not everyone knows that they can also be used to keep you cool. Simply fill the water bottle with cold water and take it to bed with you.


Be consistent with your bedtime


One of the best ways to get good quality sleep, regardless of how hot it is, is to go to bed at the same time every day. When your sleep time is consistent, you’ll start to get sleepy at the right time every evening and eventually you’ll always wake up naturally at the same time too. You should also avoid napping as this can disturb your sleeping pattern.


Cooldown your pulse points


Another simple trick to cool you down on a hot summer's night is to apply a cold washcloth or an ice pack to your pulse points. This will help lower your body heat fairly quickly. This can be done a little while before bed as part of your bedtime routine.


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