Halloween makeup looks to try in 2022

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Halloween is a fun time of year, it’s a chance to show your creativity by dressing up as your favourite spooky characters. Make-up and costume paint are a brilliant way for beauty lovers to show your creativity, you also don’t necessarily need a high skill level to achieve these looks. TikTok and YouTube have a lot of Halloween makeup tutorials this time of year of many characters, from Cruella De Vil and Hocus Pocus to Wednesday Addams and Harley Quinn, there's something for everyone. Halloween is also a great time of year to experiment with coloured contact lenses, to give your costume that extra dose of realism. Here are some of our favourite Halloween makeup ideas to try in 2022.

For a relatively simple but impactful look, you could choose The Corpse Bride as your costume. Emily, with her characteristic upward eyebrows and large blue eyes is a memorable and lovable character from the Tim Burton film. With a few shading brushes and some blue/white face paint, you too can transform into Emily.

Use a mixture of blue and black eye makeup to create depth. The upper and lower lashes really frame the eyes, and white liner along the inside of the lower water line help to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Re-create the look with Air Optix Colors in Sapphire Blue.

Wicked will always be a classic Halloween costume, and with good reason. You’ll need some green eyeshadow shades (light and dark green), some eyeshadow primer to help the green eyeshadow stick to your face, a red lip (or black lip) and some green contact lenses. Contour your cheeks with some black shadow for a more defined look. Complete the costume with an all-black outfit and a witch’s hat.

Beetlejuice becomes glam with this fantastically colourful look. This look uses green and black to shadow the outside of the face (and around the eyes). If you don’t want to waste money on a green lipstick you might never wear again, use some shimmery green eyeshadow on your lips instead to achieve the same look.

You could go for pale blue coloured contact lenses like the character from the film or go for something a little different with violet coloured lenses (to go with the purple tones of the smoky eye). Try Bausch and Lomb SofLens Natural Colors in Indigo for mysterious look. You could also add some fake blood to add a little more horror to your look.

Another timeless costume, a zombie look can be created in a lot of different ways. Often zombie looks are done using green make-up, but we love the pop art inspired makeup look with its bright blue and red tones, which perfectly complement the blue lens used in the left eye. Using just 1 coloured lens is a great way to add some dramatic impact to your look.

A siren is another great look to showcase this Halloween. Along with the bright hues of blue and white all over the face and shoulders, the grey contact lenses really help to pull this look together. Try Freshlook Colorblends in Sterling Grey. Use some fishnet tights as a stencil to get the fish scale effect.

A skull is a great look to do with minimal effort, especially when you only paint half, or part of your face. Some black and white face paint along with a red lip are your main tools. Add dimension to the eyes with some black eyeliner. Make your skeleton makeup look all the spookier with some coloured contact lenses. Complement the scary skull make-up with a green coloured lens in 1 eye and a blue lens in the other. Try our comfi Colours 1 Day Rainbow Pack. This handy product contains 5 different coloured lenses, which means you won’t have to buy 2 packets of coloured lenses.

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We hope this has given you a healthy dose of inspiration for what costume to choose this Halloween. Halloween eye makeup and coloured contact lenses are a great way to make your character more realistic. You don't have to be a makeup artist to create something amazing, a lot of looks are easy to recreate if you have a steady hand. For all your other eye care needs, Feel Good Contacts offer 10% off your first order with fast delivery, perfect for those last-minute Halloween shopping trips!

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