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Legend has it saying that the crystal ball has already been reading your Halloween plans at a chic café, sipping on pumpkin spiced latte. But, how is it even legal being a barbie when it is that bewitching time of year when our inner ghouls and ghosts come out to scare the wits out of people. In case you’re wondering not being a professional makeup artist, let me break the bubble. Anyone, literally anyone can take the centre stage to morph into his/her favourite scary character.

Let us dive into the cauldron of Instagram influencers in this blog who are creating waves in the social media world with crazy Halloween makeup tutorials. From the iconic Cruella De Vil and the mystical Avatar crew to the dark characters of The Addams family and the unpredictable Harley Quinn, there’s something tailored for everyone.

It is also the perfect occasion to dabble with coloured contact lenses, giving your ensemble that extra layer of realism. So, whether you're brewing potions or casting spells, this is your time to shine with our top Halloween makeup looks for 2023.

Invoke the Avatar within you

Avatar has not only made its way to water but spread like a wildfire among people with its latest instalment. A makeup artist on Instagram, @hopeyglam crafts an Avatar-inspired Neytiri” look for Halloween.

To get this look, contour using a deeper blue, highlighting with vanilla mixed with blue eyeshadow. Carve features with medium blue powder pigment. Define your eyebrows with blue pigment and deepen them with black creating a smoky eye effect. Add rosy pigment to lips and nose for uniformity.

Draw soft vertical and angled lines using black and blue powder pigments for dimension. Splatter white and dark blue speckles, dab for freckles. Amp up with drybrush technique for added depth. Don’t forget to wear the comfi Colors Enhance in Golden Honey to add a realistic touch to your look.

Cruella De Vil look with a twist

@kimberleymargarita_ ignites Disney villain glam with her unique Cruella De Vil rendition. Inspired by the movie, she adds a twist to the classic look donning comfi Colors Enhance in Ocean Blue that exude a cat eye effect. On this reel, she can be seeing creating magic with two evident colour palettes with fake blood on edges, an epic black eyeliner, and bold lashes. A final touch of allure comes with a chic red lip gloss.

The pièce de résistance? A black and white wig signifying the demon and divine within you. Which nefarious character will she captivate next with such steady hand movement?

Psychic and mysterious Wednesday Addams

@stephaniestokkvik channels Wednesday Addams' soft goth glam, inspired by Jenna Ortega's portrayal in Netflix's dark comedy "Wednesday." A hundred million Instagram and Tiktok fans are participating in this trend.

Stephanie masters the eerie-chic look. Nightmoth lip pencil blended with clear balm, she crafts Wednesday's brown-plum, softly blurred lip. A sallow complexion with carved cheekbones sets the stage, using Sculpting Powder in Sculpt and Shadowy tones.

Stephanie nails the mesmerizing eye makeup by wearing Bausch+Lomb SofLens Natural Colors in Jade blending eyeshadows in script, carbon, and glitch in the matrix, capturing Wednesday's popular gaze.

Hues of Seven deadly sins

Anime fans assemble! @aaronstrays transforms into a pivotal anime character from Seven deadly sins Part 2 portraying one of the seven sins i.e., Lust. Aaron used red and pink spray paints to represent the concept of a head strong emotion of lust as a siren.

The shades of purple on eyelid with tint of white makes the appearance even more appealing. The unbelievably real, hollow paint with slaty gradient on neck with blue striped border definitely steals the show. Wear FreshLook Colors in Hazel to get the devilish look of Aaron.

Barbie just got Halloween-y

Halloween invokes creativity at such a level that people can even turn a beautiful Barbie into a scary one. This Halloween, @abbeystrohmeyer with a daring twist takes a creative transformation of Botched Barbie.

To achieve this look, she used a vibrant palette of pink in sections of her face and neck. The liquid blush on cheeks gives this look a realistic approach along with the elevated eyelashes and a thin eyeline. The eyeliner can also be used to make the arrows as depicted on the look. Wear FreshLook Colorblends in Brilliant Blue to give a realistic scary touch to the barbie look.

Halloween makeup looks got affordable

This Halloween season, let your face be the canvas, and the makeup brushes your magic wand. With coloured contact lenses from Feel Good Contacts, you can unlock the secret ingredients for a spooky transformation. Invoke the spooky spirit within you and bewitch everyone with your spellbinding looks.

Enjoy a whopping 10% discount on your first order with uber fast delivery for those 11th hour Halloween escapades. So go forth, dear makeup maven! Conjure your most extraordinary self with spooky Halloween costumes, magic is real and you are the magician.

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