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Christmas is less than a week away and here at Feel Good Contacts we're already feeling festive. We encourage you to get into the jolly holiday spirit and start shopping for stocking fillers now.

Stocking fillers are a wonderful tradition to kick start the seasonal celebrations. Whilst traditional Christmas stocking fillers include oranges, nuts and candy canes, today there are no rules as to what to include. You can go as lavish as you like! Stuck for ideas? We’ve put together a gift guide with little gems perfect for filling up those Santa sacks. Our stocking filler suggestions for your eyes are guaranteed to provide exceptional eye health, especially for those who wear contact lenses.

  1. The Thera-Pearl Eye Mask

Why not put together a pamper package? Our Thera-Pearl Eye Mask will bring the spa treatment to you this Christmas day and will give your loved ones a sense of well being much welcome in upcoming winter months. 

This eye mask has been designed to soothe the eye area and was developed by eye care professionals Bausch & Lomb. Suitable to use hot or cold, this eye mask can treat dry eye, blepharitis, sinus headaches, irritation as well as relieve puffy eyes.

This spa like treatment will also come in handy for New Year’s Eve party preparations and will have you glowing into the new year, ready to start the next chapter feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Thera Pearl Eye Mask


  1. Coloured Contact Lenses

Speaking of New Year’s, this is the perfect time to celebrate a new you, whether you have new goals or simply want to experiment with a new look. Our comfi Colors 1 Day Rainbow Pack can certainly help with the latter and makes a fun and fabulous Christmas stocking filler.

This vibrant pack of coloured contact lenses offers an incredible style without having to compromise on comfort and features all 5 colours in the comfi colour range. Featuring daily wear contact lenses made from a soft and smooth hydrogel material. This type of eye contact lens is guaranteed to give you comfort and moisture for 12 hours long. The silicon hydrogel material also allows up to five times more oxygen to reach the eye compared to other contact lenses. This pack is the perfect stocking filler for those who want to try out coloured contact lenses.

Comfi Colors Rainbow Pack

We also have Air Optix contact lenses developed by Alcon & Ciba Vision. Air Optix Colours are a great choice of stocking fillers for those who are already familiar with the colors contact lenses provide and already have a preference. Air Optix Colors are not suited for extended wear and must be removed and cleaned before going to sleep.


  1. Feel Good Contact Lens Case

If you're going to opt for the Air Optix monthly contact lenses you might want to purchase a contact lens case to go with them. Our Feel Good Contact Lens Case is perfect for storing two weekly or monthly contact lenses.

Simply fill the case with fresh multi-purpose solution and pop your lenses into the case after cleaning them. This will ensure that the lenses are fresh for the next day and will remove any protein or dirt.

This lens case is guaranteed to suit all of your contact lens cleaning needs and can also be filled with hydrogen peroxide solution providing you add a neutralising tablet to the solution. In addition to this you can rinse you contact lenses with saline solution in this handy little case.

Feel Good Contact Lens Case


  1. comfi Drops

A caring and practical stocking filler that will be much appreciated by those who suffer from dry eyes. Our comfi Drops are exceptional dry eye drops that will rehydrate and lubricate your eyes for the whole day. Suitable for contact lens wearers, these eye drops are guaranteed to protect against excessive screen use, heating and contact lens wear and is the perfect size for those santa sacks.

Comfi Drops


  1. Designer sunglasses

Fancy splashing out? Our designer sunglasses offer a more lavish stocking filler idea for that stylish somebody. These awesome shades are perfect for those who are planning a fabulous getaway and are guaranteed to protect the eyes with quality lenses offering 100% UV protection.

If your stuck on choice, we'd recommend the Sunpocket Samoa All Black sunglasses. These cool and contemporary shades are suited for both men and women and are incredibly versatile. Their round black frames are guaranteed to go with any outfit and their foldable design makes them the perfect Christmas stocking filler.

Sunpocket Samoa All Black Sunglasses


  1.  Feel Good Handy Kit

If you're thinking about splashing out on some designer shades, you might want to invest in our Feel Good Handy Kit too. This awesome kit features everything you need to look after your frames and will ensure the lenses are protected from marks, scratches and dirt which can cause serious damage to your sunglasses.

Included in this handy little pouch is a keychain multi tool which can be used to fasten and re-adjust the nuts and screws of the sunglasses should the frame start coming loose.

Feel Good Handy Kit


  1.  The Eye Doctor Lid Cleanser

This neat little product is an essential for anyone’s daily eye care regime and will remove dirt, debris and makeup. A must have for the party season that’s about to commence, this travel sized 100ml pack size is a great stocking filler.

The amazing cleanser features a unique formula, fusing together argan oil, micellar water and coconut oil. The argan oil is great for the eyes as it contains vitamin e to give your skin a natural boost whilst the coconut oil will hydrate and soothe your skin. Designed with sensitive eyes in mind, there is no alcohol or fragrance featured in this product.

Eye Doctor Lid Cleanser

Asides from these stocking fillers, we have also created a seasonal shop page where you can find many more exciting gift ideas for your loved ones to open on Christmas morning. Browse our contact lenses, eye care solutions and sunglasses for some more stocking fillers for your eyes and get ready to make someone feel good this Christmas.

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