Eye care tips for smartphone users

Wednesday, 12 October 2016
Eye care tips for smartphone users

Follow these handy tips to prevent any eye strain or unwanted issues when using your mobile devices.

It seems today that, no matter where you turn, everyone has a smartphone. These digital devices have swept the world by storm over the last few years and are considered a necessity for our work and social lives. There’s no doubt that the gadgets can make your life a lot simpler and smoother due to their numerous functions, however it is important to look after yourself when spending so much time with your eyes ‘glued to the screen’ (so to speak). That’s why we’ve devised this list of quick and easy tips to make sure that your eyes stay in top shape while you’re using your smartphone. 


First and foremost, when using a smartphone, or any digital device for that matter, you need to remember to blink! Staring at the screen for a long period of time can lead to your eyes becoming dry and sore. This can be very uncomfortable and even painful, however can be avoided by making sure that you regularly blink. If you find that your eyes are becoming dry, then eye drops are perfect for adding a bit of moisture.

Set your font size larger

This is a pretty easy step to take with most smartphones, and will help your eyes a great deal in that you won’t have to squint to see small text. Simply visit the Settings tab on your smartphone, and change the font to a larger size.

Read the screen at eye level

A common cause of eye strain involving smartphones is when users have to move their eyes into an unnatural or awkward position when looking at the screen. Getting around this problem is easy, however, if you hold your smartphone at eye-level. 

Visit your optometrist regularly

This tip is actually useful for everyone, whether you’re an avid smartphone user or not. Going for regular eye tests is very important, and can be crucial in detecting eye-related problems as soon as possible. Experts recommend that those under 40 years old should visit their optometrist at least two or three times a year. 

The team at Feel Good Contact Lenses hope that you’ve found these tips useful and that you’ll look after your eyes when using your smartphone. If you have any queries about eyes or contact lenses, our dedicated customer service team are based in-house and are ready to help where possible.
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