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Friday, 17 June 2016 Share this blog: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link Copy Link

As a contact lens or glasses wearer, and celebrity in the making, you’ll know how important it is to care for your eyes.

Remembering to take your lenses out before going to bed, and not sitting on your glasses when out at night are all part and parcel. Likewise, avoiding getting anything in your eyes is hugely important when looking after your peepers. Getting a bit of dust in your eye when wearing contacts is agony, right? Getting make up in your eye is even worse.

We’ve teamed up with celebrity makeup artist, Cassie Lomas, to bring you a series of six short videos giving tips on different aspects of makeup application to make sure your makeup is always on point and that your eyes are as comfortable as possible. 

Cassie is an amazing artist, having done makeup for Lady Gaga, Twiggy, Selena Gomez, Vogue, GQ, Marie-Claire, Nike, Adidas and so many more. She has her own prestigious Make Up Academy and has headed her own shows at the London Fashion Week. Now she teams up with us to give you make up tips for wearing contacts and glasses. 

First in the series Cassie gives us some makeup tips for when you’re wearing coloured contact lenses. Coloured contact lenses can really change your whole image and make your eyes pop! If you’re going to change your eye colour with contacts, you’ll also have to change your makeup. “It’s great to go for an opposite coloured makeup from your eye colour as it makes your eyes really stand out” says Cassie.  

Another really easy way to define the eyes is winged eyeliner. In the second video in this series, Cassie Lomas shows us how to apply winged eyeliner to really show off your eyes, whether wearing frames or contacts. 

As we know, getting any dust or makeup particles in your eyes can be really uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s important to be considerate of what products to use when wearing contacts. Most importantly, avoid using powder when wearing contacts as this can easily get in behind your lenses. Cassie suggests that if you want to line your eyes use a pencil that isn’t too soft and definitely avoid using glitter! If you want to apply false eyelashes when wearing contacts, it’s best to use a latex-free glue as this is quite gentle on the eyes

Well-groomed eyebrows frame your face whether you wear frames or contacts. Brushing them in the right direction is imperative, says Cassie Lomas. The next video in this short series gives you some tips on styling so you can get your brows on fleek. (sorry, not sorry).

Environmental factors can cause your eyes to dry out and begin to hurt and if you get something in your eye, it’s agony. When applying makeup there is a chance that your eyes may be irritated - eye drops are therefore essential. Cassie Lomas always has some good quality eye drops with her when applying make-up, not only to relieve any irritation but also to brighten eyes and really make them stand out. Make sure you have some to hand! 

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