Boots Contact Lenses

Boots contact lenses are a popular choice today. You might also be surprised to know that you could buy the exact same contact lenses with their original branding at Feel Good Contacts, and at prices much cheaper than Boots contact lenses prices!

With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), you might have trouble booking eye tests and getting hold of your Boots lenses. Boots, just like other high street opticians, simply repackage popular contact lens brands with their own branding and sell them on to customers for more. Fortunately, at Feel Good Contacts we source our Boots opticians contact lenses directly from the manufacturers and sell them in their original packaging.

We've created this table to help you find the equivalent lenses to your Boots brand contact lenses on our site. The contact lenses listed below are linked to the corresponding products that we sell online.

Can I buy Boots equivalent contact lenses online?

We sell the exact same Boots contact lenses online at Feel Good Contacts. Our huge range of optician’s contact lenses means you can buy Boots Premium Dailies, Boots Premium Monthly, Boots coloured contact lenses, Boots multifocal contact lenses and Boots Near & Far contact lenses in their original manufacturers packaging at the guaranteed cheapest UK price.

Using our handy table, you can easily find your Boots contacts and what their equivalent brand is. For example, if you're after Boots daily contact lenses such as Boots Oxylens 1 Day, you'll be glad to know they are equivalent to Clariti 1 Day by CooperVision. Boots Premium Dailies are equivalent to Focus Dailies All Day Comfort by Ciba Vision.

How to buy my Boots contact lenses online?

Once you have found your equivalent boots contact lenses, you can simply refer to your contact lens prescription details or the box of your lenses to place an order. If you don't have a copy of your contact lens prescription, you can ask your optician to give you a copy.

How do I get my prescription from Boots?

You are legally entitled to a copy of your contact lens prescription. Your optician must give this to you upon request. We have a simple checkout process, so you'll find it quick and easy to order your lenses online.

Why should I buy my Boots contact lenses online at Feel Good Contacts?

  • Get the exact same lenses at a cheaper price online
  • Next day delivery when you order by 11:59pm
  • You will not be signed to a direct debit scheme with Feel Good Contacts, which means you have the freedom to order as and when you need
  • If you like the convenience of your order automatically coming out, we do have an Auto-Replenish service available which gives you 5% off every order
  • We have "Excellent" TrustPilot reviews with an outstanding score of 4.9/5

How do I cancel my boots contact lenses?

If you are currently tied to a Boots contact lens scheme and not sure how or whether you should cancel your direct debit scheme, read our guide to help you make an informed decision.

Buy Boots contact lenses cheaper online and save time, money and hassle at Feel Good Contacts. If you can't find your contact lenses from our table, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team on 0800 458 2090 or email



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