What are the best coloured contact lenses?

Choosing the best coloured contact lenses for you will depend on several factors including material, colour and wearing type. You will need to seek advice from your optician to see whether coloured contact lenses are suitable for you, even if it’s for cosmetic purposes as they are considered a medical product.

We’ve put together our best coloured contact lenses and explained why they are so popular.

What are the best daily coloured contact lenses?

comfi Colors 1 Day is exclusive to Feel Good Contacts and has become our top trending daily coloured contact lenses. Its affordable price means you can enjoy comfort, quality and style without breaking the bank. The top daily coloured lenses offer 5 stunning colours including Sweet Hazel, Gorgeous Brown, Timeless Grey, Divine Green and True Blue. They are designed to change the colour of your eyes and achieve a natural look at the same time.

They exceed comfort levels with its thin lens design and high-water content level, allowing them to be worn for up to 12 hours. So, it’s not rocket science comfi Colors 1 Day are the best daily coloured contact lenses.

  • Satara Jahangir
    amazing lenses feel and look good.. would definitely recommend buying these if you want to have a natural look
  • Cristina
    At first I thought they weren''t going to be as good as my normal brand but I was pleasantly surprised, they are very comfortable. I love the range of colours, they are subtle but I have had compliments since using them.

What are the best monthly coloured contact lenses?

Without question, Air Optix Colors are the best monthly coloured contact lenses for providing the highest level of comfort. The lenses are made of a silicone hydrogel material and SmartShield technology, making them incredibly breathable and deposit free. Thus, guarantee the same level of comfort you expect from day 1 to day 30.

Not only would you enjoy a comfortable lens wear, but they also come in 12 beautiful colours, so you have many styles to play around with. Each colour is designed to brighten, add depth and transform the colour of your eyes, all with the added convenience of being a monthly wear option.

  • Victoria Kim
    My go to contacts. Most breathable colored contacts on the market.
  • Joleen Teh
    Love these brown contact lenses as it looks very natural and is very comfortable. It doesn't feel so dry like other brands as I normally wear my contact lenses for 12 hours.

What are the best natural coloured contact lenses?

FreshLook Colorblends are the best choice of coloured contact lenses to achieve a natural look. Using a 3-in-1 colour technology, the lenses blend three different shades for a natural effect, creating a look that helps enhance your natural eye colour without looking fake or theatrical.

FreshLook Colorblends comes in a selection of 12 subtle and vibrant colours to pick from, so there’s a colour for everyone. The coloured lenses are also designed to stay comfortable all month long, with a high-water content level of 55% you can rely on them to keep your eyes constantly hydrated and refreshed.

  • Lou
    Amazing colours that completely transform your eyes, I always get compliments when wearing these !
  • E Kirby
    I''ve been using these forever. They are really comfortable and don''t look fake as I''ve had lots of people complimenting on my eyes since I started wearing these over 10 years ago! They don''t irritate the eyes at all.

What are the best contact lenses for brown eyes?

For brown eyes FreshLook Colors are the best coloured contact lenses, designed to vibrantly change the colour of your dark eye colour. What makes them perfect specifically for brown eyes is that the lenses are opaque tinted, which means they have a bold and vibrant effect.

Comfort isn’t compromised with FreshLook Colors and they can be worn for up to a whole month. With six different colours to choose from that suit both dark and light-coloured eyes, you’re spoilt for choice. FreshLook Colors are available for both prescription and cosmetic use.

  • Christopher
    comfortable and a great range of colours
  • Dawn Mulholland
    I have tried quite a few lenses...but these are by far the month comfortable. The colours are so natural yet striking. Dont feel I am even wearing my lenses. Delivery was mega fast too. Very happy customer

What are the best contact lenses for lighter coloured eyes?

FreshLook Dimensions are perfect for lighter coloured eyes, as they work to enhance and define your natural eye colour. Colours for light eyes include Sea Green, Pacific Blue and Caribbean Aqua. Its unique design has a starburst pattern and darker outer ring which blends against the natural colour of your eyes. Thus, giving the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes.

Not only are Dimensions suited for lighter eye colours, but they offer a ‘barely-there’ presence because they’re incredibly comfortable. So, if you have light coloured eyes, we’ve got the best coloured contact lenses for you.

  • Anna Scep
    Absolutely love FreshLook Dimensions contact lenses. They sit amazingly well in my eye and give me that glamorous everyday look. My absolute favourite when it comes to contact lenses.
  • Jill O'Reilly
    I have quite light blue/green eyes to begin with. These lenses compliment then very well. Gorgeous colours, it is difficult to see the pixels up close - which makes it really Annoying to find the FL logo in black font in the colour of the lens! Branded eyes?! They are larger than standard vision lenses so a bit difficult to manage your first few times, they are also quite thin so may not last the full 30 days of use. All of that said - they are by far my favourite coloured lenses, very comfortable and stay moist for hours, the crash and burn is quite abrupt however, when they begin to get dry, I can handle about an hour with drops before I have to take them out.



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