Shades showdown: O'Neill vs Oakley - the battle of sunglasses supremacy

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The magical world of sunglasses is filled with endless style options, where local and international players come together to create a truly diverse industry. The fashion industry majorly sets the trends, determining which sunglasses are popular and which are outdated.

These sunglasses provide impeccable vision correction and offer the utmost protection against ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) sun rays.

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Imagine yourself in a shopping scenario, perusing a wide array of sunglasses, when suddenly, you find yourself confronted with a challenging decision. It's a battle between two sunglasses giants: O'Neill and Oakley. This dilemma's resolution becomes a genuinely daunting endeavour. The choice between the two prestigious brands is difficult and requires deliberation.

On one side, we have O'Neill sunglasses, famous for their quality and another side, we have Oakley sunglasses, known for their creative designs. Now Feel Good Contacts will review some products of these brands so that you can buy the right pair of sunglasses.

In this exploration, we will specifically focus on the exquisite offerings from O'Neill and Oakley. We will examine the intricate craftsmanship and the alluring price points and ultimately determine which brand reigns supreme in the realm of eyewear.

O'Neill vs Oakley - who rocks their shades?

There are fabulous fashion choices in the cinematic masterpiece, X-Men: Days of Future Past! In this sartorial extravaganza, our beloved Cyclops, portrayed by the dashing James Marsden, graces the screen with his impeccable style. In a brief but impactful moment, Cyclops is spotted donning a modified version of the iconic Oakley RadarLock sunglasses.

Let's take a closer look at some of the stars who prefer these brands:



O'Neill Sunglasses: Construction, Clarity, and Price

Sunglasses are essential for athletes and competitive freeskiers to stay safe on the slopes and road and feel comfortable for prolonged hours.

O'Neill is a renowned Californian sports brand that have established a strong reputation for manufacturing high-quality sunglasses, they excel in construction, visual clarity, and affordability.

Construction quality

When you closely check the material used for crafting their frames, you’ll see that O'Neill generally uses polycarbonate, metal, plastic and acetate. However, you can choose the lens type when you shop for O’Neill sunglasses from Feel Good Contacts.


Polarised sunglasses are made of lenses which reduces glare from the sun. That is why you can spot almost every sportsperson wearing these sunglasses. It reduces glare and reflections, improving visibility and lowering eye strain in intense sunlight. This feature is useful for driving, water sports, and outdoor activities where water, snow, or glass reflections can cause glare. O'Neill sunglasses also suit bigger heads. The brand fits such people perfectly for comfort and style.


Whilst shopping the O'Neill Sunglasses at Feel Good Contacts, you will notice that they are reasonably priced, ranging from £25.00 to £35.00. Moreover, including polarised lenses in O'Neill sunglasses offers a notable advantage, particularly considering their affordable price point.

Here are five standout O'Neill sunglasses

Some of our bestselling sunglasses from the brands are:

O'Neill ONS Zepol 2.0 108P Matte Black Polarised

These sleek shades feature a matte black frame and grey polarised silver mirror lenses, offering both fashion and functionality. The lightweight wrap frame ensures unrivalled comfort and protection.

O'Neill ONS Barrel 2.0 108P Matte Grey Polarised

These wraparound sunglasses with a matte grey frame offer a sporty look. The polarised grey lenses eliminate glare and give 100% UV protection.

O'Neill Convair 104P Matte Black Polarised

These unisex BrandO'Neill sunglasses boast a sleek matte black frame, grey polarised lenses for glare reduction, and 100% UVA/UVB protection. The lightweight square shape offers comfort, while the O’Neill logo ensures authenticity.

O'Neill ONS-Zepol 2.0 108P Matte Black Polarised

Ideal for round faces, these sunglasses boast smoke polarized lenses for crucial UVA/UVB ray protection. The wraparound frame guarantees a secure, comfortable fit, complemented by a sleek, modern rimless design. Crafted from durable plastic, these sunglasses promise longevity, making them your reliable companion on all adventures.

O'Neill ONS Barrel 122P Matte Tortoise

The O'Neill ONS Barrel 122P Matte Tortoise sunglasses are an ideal option for individuals with active lifestyles, catering to both men and women. Engineered with wrap-around frames, they ensure a secure fit during energetic pursuits and shield your eyes from side glare.

Oakley Sunglasses: Construction, Clarity, and Price

You might be familiar with Oakley, a trailblazer in sports eyewear. Established in the 1970s by Jim Jannard, Oakley made waves with patented Unobtanium motorcycle grips. Today, you'll find this material signature to Oakley's collections, including the iconic Frogskins sunglasses.

Moreover, The Three-Point Fit system on Oakley glasses reduces pressure points and eliminates indentations. Even during active pursuits, the nose pads and temples offer a subtle grip for a snug fit. Oakley's Prizm lenses are renowned for enhancing colour and contrast, offer unmatched visual clarity.

Construction quality

Oakley also makes frames that aren't just made of plastic, acetate, or metal. According to Oakley forum, They have something unique. Their special O Matter material is light, strong, and flexible, so it provides top-notch protection and comfort. And their C-5 frames are made from a mix of five different metals, which makes them very light and strong at the same time.

Furthermore, Oakley Plutonite is a high-quality Polycarbonate material used in the manufacture of sunglasses. The material stops 100% of UVA &UVB, rays up to 400nm.


When you navigate the range of Oakley sunglasses, you will find options like Prizm Sapphire Polarised, Prizm Black Polarised, or mirrored lenses. These lenses are also resistant to smudges and water.

Oakley has truly mastered the art of pushing boundaries in design and technology. Their women's sunglasses effortlessly blend stylish frames with cutting-edge engineering, resulting in a harmonious fusion of fashion and functionality. On the other hand, Oakley's sunglasses for men exude an undeniable reflection of a high-performance lifestyle, capturing the essence of those who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

Oakley sunglasses offer all-day comfort with Oakley Prizm lenses, which enhance clarity and field of view.


Whilst shopping the Oakley Sunglasses at Feel Good Contacts, you will notice that their price is reasonably from £68.00 to £145.00. Notably, Oakley sunglasses are costlier than O'Neill sunglasses.

Here are five standout Oakley sunglasses

Some of our bestselling sunglasses from the brand are:

Oakley Sylas OO9448-06 Prizm Black Polarised

Meet the Oakley Sylas OO9448-06 Prizm Black Polarised sunglasses, which are a fantastic blend of sporty style and effective protection. These square frames are unisex, and effortlessly complement various face shapes. Crafted from a lightweight yet robust matte black plastic, the frame ensures enduring comfort throughout the day.

Oakley Fives Squared OO9238-06 Polished Black/ Black Iridium Polarised

The Oakley Five Squared OO9238-06 sunglasses for men boast a robust rectangular frame, ensuring a bold and attention-grabbing appearance. Meticulously crafted from high-quality lightweight plastic, they are tailored for sports enthusiasts, promising optimal performance. The black iridium polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection, effectively filtering out 99% of reflective glare.

Oakley Frogskins OO9013-F6 Crystal Black Prizm Sapphire Polarised

These sunglasses will take your look to the next level. The sapphire blue lenses go beautifully with the semi-transparent black frame, resulting in an effortlessly stylish aesthetic. It provides 100% UV protection and improved vision. This eyewear is made with durable O Matter.

Oakley Five Squared OO9238-06 Sunglasses in Polished Black

The full-bodied, rectangular frame attracts attention, while the lightweight plastic ensures superior performance for sports devotees. Polarised black iridium lenses provide 100% UV protection and eliminate glare and optical distortion. Condensed cranial geometry provides a snug fit.

Oakley Pitchman R Satin Black Sunglasses

When it comes to style, these sunglasses are perfect for both men and women. The frames, finished in a matte black, radiate neutrality, while the polarised lenses block glare and provide the utmost comfort. Prizm technology will enhance your vision t, which will make colours and details appear more vivid.

O'Neill vs Oakley: A Head-to-Head Comparison

To determine which brand offers the best sunglasses, let's compare O'Neill and Oakley across various factors:

Frame Design

O'Neill sunglasses are undoubtedly stylish and classic. They prioritise functionality and comfort, which is ideal for multiple activities. On the other hand, Oakley sunglasses are known for their robust and innovative designs. Oakley constantly pushes the boundaries with futuristic frames that make a fashion statement.

Lens Technology

O'Neill sunglasses use natural TAC (Triacetate Cellulose) ultralite lens technology designed for outstanding visual and polarisation clarity, making them perfect for individuals who participate in leisure activities and lead active lifestyles. These lenses are mostly constructed of natural, renewable materials, primarily eco-polymers derived from cotton and wood cellulose.

On the other hand, Oakley Prizm lens technology is a game-changer for attaining optimal vision in a variety of field conditions. These lenses block specific wavelengths across the entire colour spectrum. By doing so, they are able to increase colour contrast, resulting in a remarkable visual experience. You will observe that your vision is sharpened and more vibrant, allowing you to see previously unnoticed details. It's like upgrading to high-definition vision!

Fit and Comfort

The comfortable design of O'Neill sunglasses ensures a tight fit for extended usage. Moreover, the lightweight design lets you participate in outdoor activities without feeling overloaded. Although Oakley is recognised for its sporty style, fit and comfort come first.

Price Range

O'Neill sunglasses have a significant advantage in terms of cost. They offer exceptional value for the money, with affordable options that still deliver quality and performance. As a premium brand, Oakley's price range is typically higher. Oakley's reputation for durability and cutting-edge technology justifies the higher price for many consumers.

Style and Fashion

O'Neill sunglasses have a laid-back surf look that is typical of California. They have classic looks that make them a good choice for everyday wear. On the other hand, Oakley is known for its sporty and daring style. Their sunglasses often come in unusual shapes and bright colours, which makes them popular with those who play sports and people who care about fashion.

Conclusion: Which Brand is Right for You?

Both O'Neill and Oakley sunglasses have their advantages when comparing them. O'Neill makes affordable, high-quality sunglasses. They fit well and have a classic look that appeals to many.

However, Oakley's creative designs, high-performance lenses, and cutting-edge technology stand out. While Oakley sunglasses are expensive, they're worth it for their trendy styles and functional wear.

Feel Good Contacts: Affordable Eyewear for All

Notably, your preference, budget, and utility play an important role in deciding the right pair of sunglasses for you. If you are fashionable, you can go for Oakley. And, if you are sporty, then you can go for O'Neill. Whether you prioritise affordability, classic style, or high-performance features, both brands have something to offer.

Feel Good Contacts is a great place to buy a wide range of sunglasses, including O'Neill and Oakley.

So, whether surfing or walking around town, protect your eyes in style with sunglasses from O'Neill or Oakley.


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