Biofinity Contact Lenses

Biofinity contact lenses

Providing a comfortable and convenient solution for your vision needs, the Biofinity range from CooperVision could be the ideal contact lenses for you. Containing a silicon hydrogel material that allows for high levels of oxygen to pass through to the eye, these cheap contact lenses help to improve vision clarity. The soft, flexible surface locks in moisture to keep your eyes feeling fresh all day long and prevent them from drying out. Suitable for both short and long-sighted wearers, Biofinity lenses can be worn for up to seven days at a time, including during the night.

A wide range of products

The Biofinity range covers a variety of products to suit different eyesight needs. Biofinity® Toric contact lenses are designed to stay secure to the eye to minimise blurring and make your vision clearer. For more mature eyes that are prone to dryness, Biofinity® Multifocal lenses keep your vision crisp and focused on both near and far objects, with smooth transitions. Biofinity® XR is the latest range of contacts from CooperVision, offering wearers an exceptional level of comfort and breathability. Not only do these exceptional lenses help to retain water to keep your eyes hydrated, but they also offer an extended range of powers to suit a variety of prescriptions.

The highest level of quality

As a trusted, worldwide contact lens manufacturer, you can rest assured that you will only be getting the highest quality with CooperVision products. Using state of the art technology combined with a time-tested design, the moisture-rich lenses help to improve your quality of vision and provide long lasting comfort, all at an affordable price.

If you have any further questions about our Biofinity lenses, or other products, you can get in touch with our friendly and professional customer service team today on 0800 458 2090.