Henoke Debebe

Henoke Debebe

Financial Director

Henoke is Finance Director and the Main Money Man at Feel Good Contacts. Henoke once had dreams of becoming an Artic explorer, but felt his true calling was in algebra equations and spreadsheets. He studied accounting and finally found a permanent home at Feel Good in 2014.

On his role at Feel Good Henoke says; “honestly, I want to leave, these mad people just won’t let me.”

Fun Facts

Favourite quote: “Your secrets are safe with me, I wasn’t listening”.

Favourite movie: Forest Gump

Best place I went on holiday: Ibiza

If I was an animal, I'd be a: Parrot, they live longer than their owners

The one thing I can't stand: when my eggs are scrambled

Thing I love most about working at Feel Good Contacts: Fridays, beer and Fridays, but mostly beer

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