Best eye drops to buy in 2024

Medically reviewed by Wut Win, Dispensing Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

Eye drops are a useful and quick way of reintroducing moisture to the eyes. Whether your eyes are itchy, sore, watery or dry, we’ve rounded up the best eye drops for every eye care need.

Best eye drops for dry eyes

Hycosan Extra Dry Eye Drops – Top pick and best overall

Hycosan Extra Dry Eye Drops - 7.5ml

Hycosan Extra Dry Eye Drops treats persistent dry eyes. Hyaluronic acid helps attract moisture to the eyes for long-lasting hydration.


  • 0.2% hyaluronic acid for moisture
  • Preservative-free
  • Perfect for severe dry eye

Hycosan Extra Dry Eye Drops are preservative-free, excellent for sensitive eyes. These incredibly hydrating drops can be used up to 6 months after opening. For fast and lasting hydration, these drops are ideal, particularly for persistent dry eye.

Other suitable alternatives for dry eyes are Hycosan Plus and Systane Hydration eye drops.

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Best eye drops for itchy eyes

Systane Hydration lubricant eye drops – Top pick

Systane Hydration

Banish the itch with these incredibly hydrating drops.


  • Soothes irritated eyes
  • Relief for dry eyes
  • Helps corneal healing

Systane Hydration gives rapid relief for dry and itchy eyes. These drops can help with symptoms of dry eyes after laser surgery. They can be used with or without contact lenses.

Another suitable alternative for itchy eyes is Systane Ultra eye drops.

Best lubricating eye drops

Systane Lubricant Gel – Top pick

Systane Lubricant Gel Drops

Systane Lubricant Gel Drops provide fast, overnight relief for dry eyes.


  • Soothes burning or itchy eyes
  • Use at night for hydrated eyes by the morning
  • Best for severely dry eyes

Systane Lubricant Gel Drops can be used at night to provide comfort and relief. These gel drops are best applied at night for healthy, hydrated eyes by morning.

Artelac Rebalance

Artelac Rebalance

Artelac Rebalance lubricates for the comfort of your eyes.


  • Lasting relief for dry eyes
  • Regulates tear function
  • Good for persistent dry eye symptoms

For severely dry eyes, Artelac Rebalance eye drops provide lasting relief. These drops are designed to stay on the surface of the eye to keep eyes hydrated and comfortable throughout the day. These drops can be used with contact lenses still in your eyes to rewet your lenses.

Clinitas Soothe eye drops

Clinitas Soothe

Clinitas Soothe is a travel-friendly eye drop product, stored in vials. These help to combat the effects of drying environments by hydrating the eyes at the source.


  • Preservative-free
  • Travel-friendly
  • Great for dry environments

Clinitas Soothe is a great preservative-free option if you find your eyes drying out in air-conditioned and centrally heated environments. These resealable droppers are incredibly convenient to carry around, with each dropper containing 10-12 drops.

Best eye drops for eye strain

Systane Ultra – Top pick

Systane Ultra

Systane Ultra provides fast hydration for gritty or irritated eyes, ideal for those who spend all day in front of digital screens.


  • Ideal for those with excessive screen time
  • Relieves dry eyes
  • Ideal for tired eyes

Systane Ultra eye drops rehydrate eyes that have become dry and tired from excessive digital screen use. For office workers, students and others that rely heavily on technology, these drops provide rapid relief. These drops are also ideal for eyes that feel tired, dry or gritty.

Hycosan Extra Dry Eye Drops is a suitable alternative for these eye drops, a great option for digital fatigue.

Best eye drops for dust cleaning

Blink N Clean Eye Drops – Top pick

Blink N Clean eye drops

Blink N Clean Eye Drops mimic your natural tears to clean and hydrate your eyes.


  • Clears debris and dust from eyes
  • Rewets your contact lenses
  • Ideal for allergies

Blink N Clean Eye Drops are perfect for clearing debris, dust and other allergens from your eyes. These drops help rewet and clean your lenses as well as your eyes for hygiene and comfort that lasts. Apply these drops 10 minutes before you insert your lenses to avoid blurry vision.

Another suitable alternative for dust cleaning is Systane Ultra eye drops.

Best eye drops for watery eyes

Hycosan Plus Eye Drops – Top pick

Hycosan Plus Eye Drops

Hycosan Plus keeps the tears from escaping your eyes, leaving them deeply moisturised and soothed.


  • Hydrates and protects the eyes
  • Heals the cornea
  • Great for post surgery

When your eyes become watery, they can also become dry. Hycosan Plus eye drops replenish the tear film. This keeps your eyes comfortable and hydrated for the entire day. This hydrating formula heals the cornea, making them especially good to use post eye surgery.

Other suitable alternatives for watery eyes are Blink Intensive Triple Action and the Systane Lubricant Gel.

Best Eye Drops for Blepharitis

Systane Balance eye drops – Top pick

Systane Balance

Systane Balance can help fight symptoms of blepharitis by restoring the tear film.


  • Great for excessive digital screen use
  • Soothes irritated eyes
  • Helps limit symptoms of blepharitis

If your eyes feel irritated, Systane Balance eye drops hydrate, soothe and restore the tear film. These therapeutic drops are excellent at treating severe dry eye as well as blepharitis. These drops are an easy and effective way of soothing dry, tired, or itchy eyes.

Best eye drops for air conditioning

Thealoz Duo Eye Drops – Top pick

Thealoz Duo Eye Drops

For stinging and irritated eyes due to blepharitis, Thealoz Duo Eye Drops are the perfect solution.


  • Thickens the tear film for lasting hydration
  • Clinically proven to last for at least 4 hours
  • Great for dry, blurry or stinging eyes

Thealoz Duo Eye Drops promote moisturised and healthy eyes. These drops are particularly great for soothing symptoms of blepharitis. For severe dry eyes, these drops are soothing and also help to relieve itchiness.

Other suitable alternatives for air conditioning are Hycosan Plus, Hycosan Extra and Clinitas Soothe.

Best eye drops for tired burning eyes

Systane Hydration Eye Drops – Top pick

Systane Hydration Eye Drops

To relieve burning eyes, Systane Hydration eye drops soothe and hydrate your eyes.


  • Soothing for irritated and burning eyes
  • Rewets your lenses
  • Hydrates and relieves

Systane Hydration eye drops are ideal for bringing immediate relief to tired and burning eyes. These drops use hyaluronate to provide lasting moisture throughout the day. If your eyes are dry from wearing contact lenses, these drops can rewet your lenses to keep your eyes comfortable throughout wear.

Other suitable alternatives for burning eyes are the Systane Lubricant Gel, Hycosan Extra and Systane Ultra.

Best eye drops for surfer’s eye

Blink Intensive Plus Eye Drops – Top pick

Blink Intensive Plus Eye Drops

To stop blurred vision, redness and irritation caused by surfer’s eye, Blink Intensive Plus will do the trick.


  • Soothes red eyes
  • Long-term hydration
  • Great for both day and night

Blink Intensive Plus gel eye drops moisturise and soothe irritated eyes. If your eyes are red from conditions such as surfer’s eye, these drops can rapidly calm and hydrate your eyes. If you spend a lot of time in front of computers and you find your eyes becoming dry and tired, these drops are the perfect remedy.

Another suitable alternative for surfer’s eye is the Systane Lubricant Gel.

Best eye drops for air travel

Blink Refreshing Eye Mist – Top pick

Blink Refreshing Eye Mist

To keep eyes comfortable in drying environments like aeroplanes, Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist is the ideal choice.


  • Easy to use mist
  • Great for moisturising and refreshing eyes
  • Great for drying environments

Blink Refreshing Hydrating Eye Mist is ideal for keeping your eyes moisturised in drying environments such as planes. This handy mist can be sprayed over your eyes to easily rehydrate. This mist can also be applied over make-up, making it the perfect companion for those on the go.

Another suitable alternative for air travel is Clinitas Soothe Vials, Hycosan Fresh and Systane Ultra eye drops.

Best eye drops for seniors

Suitable eye drops for seniors would be Hycosan Plus, Thealoz Duo Eye Drops and Hycosan Extra, as they are ideal for dry eyes and are preservative-free.

Best eye drops for staring at a computer screen

Hycosan Fresh Eye Drops – Top pick

Hycosan Fresh Eye Drops 7.5ml

If you’re looking at a digital screen most of the time, Hycosan Fresh Eye Drops will rehydrate and refresh your tired eyes.


  • Rewets your contact lenses
  • Great for sensitive eyes
  • Soothes mild dry eye

If you spend most of your time in front of a digital screen, eye drops are a great way to give your eyes a moisture boost. Hycosan Fresh replenishes the tear film and is gentle on the eye. These soothing eye drops hydrate, condition and comfort eyes that are tired and overworked.

Other suitable alternatives for staring at a computer screen are Blink Intensive, Systane Hydration and Clinitas Soothe.

Disclaimer: The advice in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace medical care or an in-person check-up. Please check with an eyecare professional before purchasing any products or remedies. For information on our article review process, please refer to our Editorial Policy.

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