Best Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Medically reviewed by Tina Patel, Contact Lens Optician at Feel Good Contacts.

Astigmatism is a type of refractive error that causes blurry vision. This usually occurs when the cornea is shaped like a rugby ball (a normal eye is usually spherical in shape). Due to the two different curves, light is focussed in two different places on the retina, resulting in blurry vision. Astigmatism can be corrected using prescription glasses or toric contact lenses.

Finding the right pair of affordable toric contact lenses for you will depend on your lifestyle, budget and overall eye health. Below are some of the best contact lenses for astigmatism in the UK.

Criteria for choosing the right toric lenses

Below are some of the aspects you and your optician should consider during your contact lens fitting when choosing toric contact lenses for astigmatism.

The fit

When deciding which toric contact lenses to wear, it’s essential to consider the fit. Toric contact lenses must align with the astigmatism to provide clear vision. A poorly fitting toric contact lens will result in fluctuating vision and could lead to discomfort. A contact lens fitting with your optician is crucial to ensuring the lenses you wear are specific to the size and curvature of your eyes.

The wearing type

The wearing type should be chosen based on your lifestyle and budget. Below are some of the benefits for each.

Daily disposables

As the name suggests, these lenses can be worn daily, and thrown away after a full day’s wear. Daily disposable toric contact lenses are the most convenient option as they don’t require a lens-cleaning routine, making them ideal for those with busy schedule. Dailies are, however, usually the most expensive option. You’ll also benefit from more hygienic wear, as the lenses can be worn for a full day before being discarded before bedtime and a new pair of lenses can be worn the following day.

Two weekly

Two weekly toric contact lenses can be worn daily for up to 2 weeks, as long as the lenses are removed, cleaned and stored in contact lens solution each night. Two weekly lenses are a more affordable option compared to daily disposables and are great for more experienced lens wearers.


Monthly toric contact lenses can be worn daily for up to 30 days, provided they are removed, cleaned and stored in contact lens solution each night. These lenses are the most affordable option for everyday wear.

Contact lenses for astigmatism – our top picks

What are the best contact lenses for astigmatism? Read on to find out.

Oasys 1 Day for Astigmatism

One of the best daily disposable contact lenses for astigmatism is Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism. HydraLuxe technology provides moisture that lasts all day. This convenient daily disposable lens is made from comfortable and breathable silicone hydrogel.

1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism

Another excellent daily disposable option, 1 Day Acuvue Moist is a comfortable and hydrating lens with UV protection as an added bonus.

MyDay Toric

This daily disposable toric lens is great for those who are busy, as they can be replaced daily, leaving no need for a lens-cleaning routine. Smart Silicone technology provides breathable wear.

Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism

These two weekly toric lenses are made from silicone hydrogel, a material that allows more oxygen to the eye compared to standard hydrogel lenses. UV protection is another excellent benefit. They’re great for dry eyes and excessive screen use.

Biofinity Toric

Biofinity Toric is one of the best monthly contact lenses for astigmatism. You’ll get stable vision and all-day comfort with these lenses. With the permission of your optician, these lenses can also be worn continuously for up to a week without needing to be removed.

The best multifocal contact lenses for astigmatism

Those with both presbyopia and astigmatism will have two different visual needs to contend with. Presbyopia is an age-related condition that causes nearby vision to become blurry. If you’re looking for a multifocal toric lens to correct both astigmatism and presbyopia, you could try Proclear Multifocal Toric.

The best coloured contact lenses for astigmatism

Although coloured contact lenses for astigmatism are available to buy, there aren’t many products on the market, therefore making it difficult for toric lens-wearers to wear coloured lenses. Coloured lenses for spherical eyes are not usually ideal for someone who has astigmatism, it is best to check with your optician for the most suitable recommendation based on your needs and measurements.

The best contact lenses for astigmatism and myopia

Myopia (near-sightedness) is a common refractive error that can easily be corrected via contact lenses or prescription glasses. Please note, all toric contact lenses that correct astigmatism can also correct myopia.

Disclaimer: The advice in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace medical care or an in-person check-up. Please check with an eyecare professional before purchasing any products or remedies. For information on our article review process, please refer to our Editorial Policy.

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