Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack

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3 Month Pack 1 Month Pack
3 Month Pack 1 Month Pack
  • Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack
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Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack Product Description

Cleaning and storing your soft contact lenses couldn’t be easier with the Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack. You’ll have a three-month supply on standby without having to worry about reordering too soon. This high-quality hydrogen peroxide solution is accompanied by 90 neutralising tablets. When using hydrogen peroxide solutions such as Oxysept 1 Step, it is important to neutralise your lenses before inserting them into your eyes to avoid irritation.


How does Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack work?

Created by AMO, Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack contact lens solution and tablets work together to eliminate proteins and lipids that can build up on your contact lenses throughout the day.

Preservative-free, Oxysept 1 Step solution offers a delayed neutralisation of your contacts, adding to the effectiveness of the clean and offering a deeper penetrating overall cleanse. The neutralising tablet ensures no harmful solution is left after the cleaning process.


Benefits of Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack

By eliminating all protein and lipids that have formed on your lenses over the day, the highly effective solution protects your eyes from any irritation when you put your contact lenses back in. Enjoy complete visual clarity and comfort for the entire wearing cycle of your contact lenses.

Save time and money when you use Oxysept 1 Step Triple Pack solution to clean and disinfect your monthly and two weekly contact lenses. A one-month supply of this quality hydrogen peroxide solution is also available at FeelGoodContacts.com.

Benefits & Features
  • Kills and removes a broad range of bacteria and fungal organisms
  • Simple one step process
  • Preservative-free with added lubricant for extra comfort
  • NOTE: Follow instructions carefully to avoid peroxide damage to eyes
  • Elaine Ford - 14 Oct 2019
    Always used this
  • Judith Hale - 25 Jul 2018
    Wouldn’t use anything else. A great product that works well with my lenses; is easy to use. Just wish they did a travel pack!
  • Mr John Killeen - 25 May 2018
    Have used this product for many years. Always reliable and a contact lens cleaning solution which I would happily recommend to family and friends.
  • J D - 04 May 2018
    A superb product, the only lens solution that does not irritate my sensitive eyes. Highly recommended.
  • Joan Yvonne Savage - 31 Mar 2018
    Good quality product but no new lens container. ??
  • Stuart B - 25 Feb 2018
    The best contact cleaning system you can buy
  • Lynda Smith - 26 May 2017
    Used this product with my soft lenses for years - it''s great.
  • Kevin - 09 Dec 2016
    Have used this solution now for a number of years and is easy to use and keeps my lenses in good condition
  • Delia Bamforth - 09 Sep 2016
    This is the only contact lenses cleaner i like and i can get it here at a good price and its always a quick delivery.
  • ALAK CHANDA - 22 Feb 2016
    IT WAS EXCELLENT A+++++++++