Blink Contacts Bottle

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Save up to 50%, Why not try?
comfi Drops
£2.25 10ml

Blink Contacts Bottle Product Description

Revitalise dry, tired eyes with Blink Contacts Soothing eye drops by AMO - specifically designed for contact lens wearers.

Blink Contacts Eye Drops Bottle

Blink Contacts eye drops are the perfect companion for your contact lenses to ensure they stay hydrated, smooth and comfortable. These lubricating eye drops refresh your eyes by cleverly mimicking the actions of natural tears in just a few drops.

Blink Contacts Eye Drops Bottle that is perfect for travelling with!

Available in this conveniently-sized 10ml bottle, you can easily carry them with you, making them ideal for those with busy lifestyles. Preservative-free, Blink Contacts Soothing eye drops are even suitable for those with sensitive eyes prone to dryness and can also be used whether you wear soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

For added convenience, these eye drops can also be purchased in handy preservative-free single-use vials. Restore comfortable vision during your lens wear with our wide range of eye care products at

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Product Details & Advice
  • Soothes and lubricates dry eyes
  • 10ml bottle
  • Ingredients naturally occurring in eye minimises irritation
  • Ocupure™ preservative designed not to irritate – breaks down when exposed to light
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  • Sandra Lawson - 18 Aug 2019
    I haven''t used this for years, but came across it in the US recently. As I''ve had to switch back to rgp lenses, they definitely help with the comfort.
  • Rakan Oustwani - 04 Dec 2018
  • Giuseppe - 11 Dec 2017
    very good product. a good relief for sore eyes
  • MEIRION - 30 Sep 2017
    very quick and efficient company
  • Carol Hope - 02 Jun 2017