Weekly & 2 Week Contact Lenses

What are weekly contact lenses?

Each pair of weekly contact lenses (also known as ‘two weekly contact lenses’, ‘bi-weekly contact lenses’ or ‘weeklies’) has been designed to wear for as long as two weeks. This wearing schedule requires nightly cleaning and storing using contact lens solution.

An effective compromise between the convenience and hygiene of daily lenses and the affordability of monthly contacts, weekly contact lenses are some of the most versatile lenses around.

Why should I choose weekly contact lenses?

Comfort – most weekly contact lenses are either made from silicone hydrogel or other hydrogel materials, meaning that your eyes will be getting plenty of oxygen.

Value – weekly lenses typically prove to be cheaper than buying daily disposables. As you’ll simply be buying fewer lenses, you’ll be spending less money.

Hygiene – with weekly contact lenses, you’ll be replacing your lenses more frequently than you would with monthlies, reducing the amount of days you wear the same pair of contacts.

Versatility – some weekly contact lenses can be worn as extended wear contact lenses allowing for you to wear them day and night for up to a week, after which you’ll need to replace them. This means that, if approved by your optician, you have the choice whether to wear your lenses continuously or to follow the relevant cleaning routine.

What types of weekly contact lenses are there?

Some of Acuvue’s best-selling lenses are weekly contact lenses, and can be found at FeelGoodContacts.com. These include Acuvue Oasys, a silicone hydrogel weekly contact lens, Acuvue Advance and Acuvue 2, as well as multifocal and toric editions. 

While we stock a selection of weekly contact lenses for myopic (short-sightedness) and hyperopic (long-sightedness) correction, you can also find the ideal weeklies for essentially all visual requirements.

Weekly contact lenses for astigmatism are available with our toric lenses, Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism and Acuvue Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism. In addition, we stock Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia. This weekly multifocal contact lens is an exceptional choice for correcting presbyopia as a weekly disposable lens. 

How can I look after my weekly contact lenses?

Designed for up to 14 days of consecutive wear, you’ll need to remove your weekly contact lenses every night before bed, in order to clean and store them in a suitable contact lens solution. This way you can be sure your vision stays uninterrupted and you enjoy clear vision and healthy eyes for the full two weeks. 

Read our full guide on how to clean and store your contact lenses.

Alternatively, a number of our weekly contact lenses offer extended wear – allowing you to wear them both day and night for up to a week, if approved by your optician or eye care practitioner.