PureVision Contact Lenses

Purevision contact lenses

Purevision contact lenses are manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. Recently, they have upgraded from Purevision to Purevision2 to cater for longer working days and endless hours spent on computers. Purevision2 contact lenses deliver very clear vision, while providing all the comfort you need throughout the day.

The Purevision brand of contact lenses are all made from silicone hydrogel, a material that transmits much more oxygen to the eye than traditional lenses.

For added convenience, many of the products are also suitable for prolonged, extended wear. They have been approved for extended wear of up to 30 days, but this will be subject to your optician’s say.

Versatility of purevision

PureVision2 for Presbyopia helps your eyes focus with ease, which can be particularly useful when using computers or a mobile phone.

Meanwhile, PureVision2 for Astigmatism are toric lenses designed to reduce spherical aberration for sharper vision.

For mature, dry eyes, PureVision Multifocal lenses help you to focus on near, far and intermediate distances with minimal effort.

Feel Good Contact Lenses recommends that you use a multipurpose solution like, ReNu Multi-Plus , to safely clean, disinfect and store your lenses.

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