Freshlook Contact Lenses

The 3-in-1 colour technology used by Alcon to make Freshlook and Colorblend contact lenses, make them the bestselling coloured lenses sold here at Feel Good Contact Lenses. These contact lenses have an outer ring to define the eye, the main colour to change the iris colour and finally, an inner ring that adds to the depth of the overall look.

They come in a large variety of colours to give your eyes a more vibrant or subtle look.

Freshlook lenses provide comfort and are suitable for both for prescription and non-prescription wearers.

Disposing of your Freshlook Contact Lenses

Most Freshlook lenses last up to one month, once opened – with nightly removal. They must be cleaned, disinfected then stored in a suitable multipurpose contact lens solution .

If you only wear coloured lenses on special occasions, then we suggest trying Freshlook One-Day lenses . These daily disposable coloured lenses do not require any cleaning maintenance and are to be discarded once removed from the eye.

Ask our eye care professional service team at Feel Good Contact Lenses for complete wear, care and safety information. Our prices are 50% Cheaper than your High Street Optician.