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Created by Ciba Vision, Air Optix contact lenses are made from silicone hydrogel and have been designed with long-lasting comfort in mind.

What types of Air Optix contact lenses are there?

Allowing up to five times the amount of oxygen to reach the eye than most other lenses, Air Optix have become some of the most popular monthly lenses on the market.

Popular contact lens choices in the Air Optix range include: Air Optix AquaAir Optix for Astigmatism and Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde. The comfort provided by the lenses also means that there is an option for extended wear with Air Optix Night & Day, which can be worn for as long as a month without needing to be removed.

Of, if you’re looking to enhance your eye colour with contacts, why not try Air Optix Colors for a stylish and alluring effect? Available in a range of 12 different colours, you can find the ideal coloured lenses to suit your look.

What are the benefits of Air Optix contact lenses?

By allowing a higher amount of oxygen to travel through the lenses, Air Optix are able to keep your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. This translates to healthier eyes and prevents the occurrence of dry eyes or irritation.

Air Optix are designed to stand up to the demands of your day, lessening the effect that factors such as air conditioning, traffic pollution and digital screen use have on your eyes. These highly breathable silicone hydrogel lenses are a great choice for working professionals or anyone used to being out of the house for most of the day.

Can you sleep in Air Optix contacts?

You can sleep in Air Optix contacts, provided you have received approval from your optician. They will need to examine your eyes and evaluate whether extended wear lenses are suitable for you. If your optician confirms that your eyes are suited to sleeping in your contact lenses, then it's important to follow the appropriate wearing schedule they have advised. Your optician may recommend wearing your Air Optix contacts for up to 6 continuous nights.

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