What Are Polarised Sunglasses

What are polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses are particularly popular with fisherman and skiers who have to deal with strong glare from surrounding water and snow. Reflected UV rays present an equally dangerous obstacle for protecting our eyes against the sun. Of course, anybody who spends a great deal of time outdoors finds these types of glasses useful. As a result, they’ve become extremely popular and part of mainstream fashion.

They can also be very useful when driving too, reducing glare caused by reflections from hoods, windows and mirrors, although wearing them does reduce visibility off of LCD screens on GPS devices and satnavs. Individuals who are sensitive to light, for example those who suffer from light sensitive epilepsy, or post-cataract patients, may choose to wear them indoors.

Megastar and U2 front man Bono is known for almost always wearing dark shades, but few people may know he wears them to protect his eyes from the intense snaps of paparazzi cameras.

How do polarised sunglasses work?

When reflected on flat surfaces, light will scatter in different directions, i.e it becomes ‘polarised’, travelling in a uniform, mostly horizontal direction. Intensely reflected light can cause glare and reduce visibility. The polarising layer on the lenses acts like microscopic mirrors angled away from your field of vision. Any light that lands at an angle that is not perpendicular to your lens is reflected away, rather than allowed through to your eye, giving you a better field of vision.

Which are the best brands for polarised sunglasses?

The popularity of polarised sunglasses means that almost all major sunglasses brands include some in their range, although some are better suited for active wear than others. We highly recommend our sports polarised sunglasses by Dunlop or Oakley, specially made for active users.

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