Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack)

£62.70 90 lenses / box
90 Pack 30 Pack
90 Pack
30 Pack
  • Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack)
  • Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack)
  • Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack)
Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack) Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack) Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack) Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack)


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Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack) Product Description

The world’s first water gradient contact lenses, these lenses from Alcon & Ciba Vision offer the very best in daily disposable contact lens technology. As well as exceptional performance that delivers clear and sharp vision, Dailies Total 1 90 Pack contact lenses also achieve an unrivalled level of comfort.

Dailies Total 1 90 Contact Lens Pack benefits

Each of these daily disposable contact lenses features a water content of 80% at its surface and has been made from silicone hydrogel material. This means that these moist and wettable contact lenses also boast a high level of breathability that ensures your eyes are kept healthy and comfortable. You’ll be sure of fresh eyes even as the day goes on with these silicone hydrogel lenses, part of the renowned Dailies range. Ideal for working professionals or anyone who is susceptible to dry eyes from digital screen use and other factors, Dailies Total 1 (90 Pack) are the perfect lenses for a busy, on the go lifestyle. 

As daily disposable contact lenses, you can appreciate the amazing convenience Dailies Total 1 90 Pack offers, while you can rely on exceptional hygiene from the lenses. Enjoy a full day of wear from each pair of these daily contact lenses, then simply throw them away before going to bed. Apply a fresh set of lenses the next day to enjoy the same quality experience all over again.

Stock up on Dailies Total 1 90 Pack for amazing value for money with the cheapest UK price. You can also find a smaller 30-pack supply when you buy contact lenses online at Feel Good Contacts.

Benefits & Features
  • Daily disposable lenses
  • 90-pack supply
  • Available for long-sightedness and short-sightedness 
  • Breathable silicone hydrogel material
  • 80% water content at the lens surface
  • Visitint for easy lens application
  • 33% water content

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Dailies Total 1 90 Pack parameters

Manufacturer Alcon & Ciba Vision
Brand Dailies
Wearing type Daily Contact Lenses
Power range +6.00 to -12.00
Base curve(s) 8.5mm
Diameter(s) 14.1mm
Lens material Delefilcon A
Water content 33%
Oxygen permeability 156 Dk/t

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  • Emma - 31 Aug 2019
    Extremely comfortable
  • Ian McLeod - 26 Aug 2019
    Best contacts I''ve ever worn.
  • Gabriella Davies - 18 Aug 2019
    Excellent product that’s kind to the eyes and super comfortable all day long
  • Simon Wright - 24 Jul 2019
    Great service ... Price matched to give the best price !
  • Anita George - 18 Jul 2019
    Great product
  • Sarah Adams - 16 Jul 2019
    The most comfortable contact lens I have ever found.
  • Sakis Prassas - 15 Jun 2019
    The most comfortable lenses in the market
  • Gary Clarke - 08 Jun 2019
    Very comfortable. Never had any issues with them.
  • Jayne Hinckley - 27 May 2019
    Exceptionally comfortable lenses Great product ??
  • Natasha Cable - 27 May 2019
    The only contact lenses I will buy now. Very comfortable. Expensive but worth the extra if you suffer with dry eyes.
  • Hakuna Matata - 24 May 2019
    expensive for a reason. they keep your eyes moist for longer and are comfortable to wear
  • Gema Barbudo - 19 May 2019
    Not happy at all. Had to throw away half of the contacts as they were damaged and had pain when I put them on.
  • Miss Laura Ellis - 22 Mar 2019
    Great quality!
  • Mr Gary Lee - 16 Mar 2019
    Excellent service with quick delivery.
  • Philippa Brown - 15 Feb 2019
    these are the best lenses that i have tried the are very comfortable
  • Andrew Roche - 03 Feb 2019
    Good quality products and service
  • Susanne Siegumfeldt - 27 Jan 2019
    I had used the same dailies for years and was recommended these as the design and quality had moved on from mine - they are great, thin and feel really great to wear and your eyes don’t feel tired or strained
  • Vic Parti - 22 Oct 2018
    Very comfortable lenses
  • Tam - 01 Aug 2018
    Perfect service and product
  • AMCC - 20 Jul 2018
    Excellent lenses. Perfect for my dry eyes.
  • Ahmed Zeineldin - 13 Jul 2018
    Bought one pack to try. Used it in my right eye and my current brand in the left eye. The Total is a bit thicker but got used to it in few hours, no issues. Best thing is that at the end of the day it still feels comfortable and moist. Will definitely change to the Total ones.
  • Selina Yang - 13 Jul 2018
    Very fast delivery never had any problem
  • Mrs Joanne Wooding - 12 Jul 2018
    Brilliant product great service!
  • Cathryn Hardy - 15 Jun 2018
    Great lenses, worth the price
  • Tam - 02 Jun 2018
    Very moist and great investment.
  • Kash - 18 Apr 2018
    The most comfortable lenses I’ve ever worn. They stay moist all day and are great on holiday as well - they don’t dry out. I don’t even notice I’m wearing them and have to remember to take them out in the evening!
  • Hannah Rayner - 13 Mar 2018
    No problem with these lenses.
  • Linda Boucher-Harris - 07 Feb 2018
    The most comfortable lenses
  • Lucy Duns - 30 Jan 2018
    Great service. Prompt delivery and love my wee bag of sweeties. Cheapest and most efficient way of getting my contacts??
  • Miriam Grosskopf - 30 Nov 2017
    Best and most comfortable.
  • John Carey - 29 Oct 2017
    only 4 starts at moment as I haven''t used that many lens yet - those I have used been great - but just want to test the product a little longer
  • Miss Amanpreet - 26 Oct 2017
    These contact lenses are truly amazing. I wear them for long periods of time and never experience any dryness in my eye like I have done when using other brands.
  • helen - 24 Aug 2017
    Great prompt service as described
  • Rosy Rose - 21 Aug 2017
    Fantastic if you get dry eyes, comfy, if only it had something to tell you which way round they should go! Also wish they did one with astigmatism
  • Sarah - 03 Aug 2017
    Cheaper here than from the optician.
  • Geoff - 27 Jul 2017
    What I was recommended to buy and now I can see why.
  • TRich1973 - 16 Jul 2017
    I have suffered from dry eyes in the past and found contact lenses uncomfortable, however, Dailies Total lenses are amazing..they are so comfortable to wear!
  • Customer - 24 Jun 2017
    Best price around - and arrived so quickly
  • Mabel Clements - 21 Jun 2017
    Arrived quickly and packaged nicely
  • Safarigirl - 14 Jun 2017
    Excellent service and reliable delivery every time.
  • Sam - 24 May 2017
    The lenses are very comfortable to wear and does not cause dryness like the other types of contact lenses that I have tried before. The only reason I have given it four star but not five star is because its price tag, which is a little bit high.
  • Amanda S - 23 May 2017
    Cheapest site for my lenses and always prompt delivery - great for people like me that always order contacts when I''m down to the last couple of days worth!!
  • Laura - 06 May 2017
    Good contact lenses Perfect fit and strength matched to your prescription
  • Dawn Gardiner - 29 Apr 2017
    Brilliant easy to wear all day
  • Ria - 25 Mar 2017
    Love these lenses. I usually suffer from dry eyes and keep on having to use eye drops, but even while wearing these lenses I never have had to use my eye drops. They''re very comfortable too!
  • Richard Windemer. Customer - 15 Mar 2017
    Extremely comfortable lenses
  • Safarigirl - 11 Mar 2017
    Easy to wear and remove at night.
  • Jessica Mcloughlin - 08 Feb 2017
    Work perfectly well for me
  • Dawn Gardiner - 05 Feb 2017
    Brilliant product helps with dry eyes
  • Mr Brookman - 21 Jan 2017
    The high water content of these lenses make them very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.
  • Liz - 09 Jan 2017
    The best dailies for my eye sight ! Great for anyone travelling on a regular basis and a much better way of avoiding any eye infections.
  • Paul Dawson - 27 Nov 2016
    The best lenses I have tried, feel so much better than all the other ones I''ve used.
  • Rachel - 28 Oct 2016
    Being a contact lens wearer for 20 years, these are the best brand that I''ve worn. I can wear these all day they are very comfortable and they don''t dry out my eyes, even after 16 hours of wear.
  • Martin Pritchard - 18 Oct 2016
    They''re the comfiest lenses I''ve worn, and still going strong into the evening
  • Keri - 24 Sep 2016
    Great service, easy to use website, quick delivery, good packaging, item as described
  • Vikki Strang - 22 Sep 2016
    Quick and easy to reorder and fast delivery.
  • Abby Scot Simmonds - 17 Aug 2016
    Comfortable. Best lenses for giving you oxygen. Highly recommend
  • Spencer Elliott - 16 Jul 2016
    Great product lasts longer than Acuvue without the discomfort.
  • Graham Alton - 03 Jul 2016
    Great product. Can be hard to get out of your eyes at first but its worth sticking with as theyre way comfyer for all day use than any other brand ive tried, and after a month or so you get the knack of getting them out.
  • Iman Essop - 01 Jun 2016
    The highest quality contact lenses if you have sensitive eyes and prone to hay fever. These feel comfortable all day - and it''s reflected in the price! Was my only alternative for a while when I couldn''t tolerate other lenses. I know alternate these with slightly more economical lenses but still use these if I plan to wear them for more than 12 hours.
  • Laura Lester - 03 May 2016
    Great service as always. Prompt delivery.
  • Ian Dickinson - 18 Apr 2016
    As somebody who gets dry eyes with even the best lenses these ones are brilliant. No drying out even after being in for 16 hours. They are a bit more fiddly to take out then others due to the material and the fact that they retain their slipperiness for longer but its worth it.
  • Heidi Leenay - 15 Mar 2016
    These are the most comfortable contacts EVER - I forge that I''m wearing them - that''s the only problem!
  • Charles Laba - 21 Feb 2016
    These are for my daughter and she loves them.
  • Nasima Vali - 12 Feb 2016
    These lenses are the best I''ve come across. Brilliant for dry eyes.
  • Michael Chapman - 04 Feb 2016
    Great lenses -before using these lenses my eyes would dry out and become itchy towards the end of the working day. Not any more, these lenses are so much more comfortable all day long!
  • Kerry Haigh - 15 Jan 2016
    These are very expensive which is a huge negative point however I wear lenses for 12-14 hours a day and they uphold staring at a computer all day and air conditioning without making my eyes dry or scratchy eight hours in which I have found others do. They simply are the best lenses I have ever worn. If the price improved they would get five stars without a doubt. In terms of quality of vision It is excellent. They are so good I have fallen asleep in them a few times as I have forgotten I had them in! Just how lenses should be!
  • Nina Forsberg-Pedersen - 15 Jan 2016
    Delivery was super fast and price is very competitive to other vendors. Very happy and will for sure use again!
  • Antonio Calabrese - 05 Jan 2016
    Very good quality, high price but worth it
  • Simona Maria Diaconu - 05 Nov 2015
    These are the best lens I´ve ever tried. There are not cheap, but quality has a price. So far they are the only lens that don´t make my eyes dry and I´m able to wear them for the whole day and even be in from of the computer. Being in a very warm room with a very dry air doesn´t help, not even with these ones, but still there are better than others.
  • Rob Adams - 30 Oct 2015
    Great price and excellent service. Would recommend.
  • Valery Kisilevsky - 27 Oct 2015
    Really moist and witty contacts.